Start of Show


Bobby played a clip of Vin Diesel singing the pop song “Stay With Me”. Amy thought it was going to be good, LB thought it was going to be bad. He turned out to be pretty bad.


There was a guy who put a needle in food at a restaurant who got caught. Bobby said he would like to smack that guy around.


Bobby said he was listening to iheart yesterday, and Billy Currington came on the playlist. The only thing he could think about was “how jacked Billy is”. So he decided that everyone is going to nominate a guy for the “He-man Team”.



Florida. 51 year-old Steven Martinez needed some golf balls, so he went diving into a pond at the country club. When he went searching, he was bit on the arm by an alligator.


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Guess The Singing Celebrity

 A new game today where Bobby plays a clip of a singing celebrity that isn’t known for singing, and the show has to guess.


Ryan Seacrest- Bobby and Lunch guessed correctly


Barack Obama- Amy guessed correctly


Jennifer Aniston- Amy guessed correctly


Ray’s Big 3

Two Americans with Ebola are being flown back to the USA. It will be the first cases of Ebola in the country.


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Tropical storm Bertha has formed and is headed for Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas are all in danger this weekend.


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In Chicago, a demoted employee shot the CEO of the company in the head and the stomach, and then killed himself. The CEO is in critical condition.


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LB Listens To People Auditioning American Idol

LB says the first guy kind of looks like Ne-yo, Bobby guessed he was going to be bad, Amy guessed he was going to be good. Amy was right.


The next guy looks like Jason Miraz, Bobby guessed he is going to be good, Amy guessed bad. Bobby was right.


On the next guy, Bobby and Amy both guessed he was going to be bad. He sounded so different that Bobby said it could go either way, before comparing him to “Eric Cartman” from South Park.


Ray’s Girlfriend

Ray has had this girlfriend for the past 5 months, and Bobby thinks she’s trying to hold onto him. She bought him an expensive putting green for his office for his “Almost Birthday”, which is a month before someone’s actual birthday. Ray has lived with her ever since he moved out of LB’s house back in February.


Dance Party

After the dance party on Wednesday, Bobby got the OK from Michael Brian to bring it back. But he had some backlash from some more conservative Program Directors. So he asked Amy if they should have another dance party today. Amy immediately agreed before Bobby could even finish his thought.


90 Second Skinny

The filmer of the Justin/Orland fight said that Justin incited the incident. Brad and Angelina, when across the world filming different movies, stayed in touch by sending love letters. Miranda Lambert started selling playable posters on her new tour.


What Year Was It?


Heidi from Nashville, TN., called in to play WYWI. She is the girl from Live Band Karaoke who sang Purple Rain.


The song was: "Why" by Jason Aldean

The movie was: Wedding Crashers

The news was: Destiny's Child announces they will disband



The year was 2005. Heidi chose Amy.


and Amy picked the right year. Bobby hopes to have Heidi in the studio next week.


Casey called in to talk to Bobby about Ray falling at Dave and Busters on Thursday night. Ray went for the fist bump with Canaan Smith…and missed.


All He-Man Team

The He-Man team is made up of the most jacked country artist. Lunchbox decided to go with Kid Rock. Cruz chose Dustin Lynch. Eddie picked Kip Moore after seeing a picture of him running shirtless. Nada picked Tim McGraw, he works out 3 hours a day. Amy picked Jake Owens. Bobby chose Billy Currington as his pick for the All He-Man Team. Everyone agrees that the one they would least like to get in a bar fight with would be Billy Currington.


****Tell Me Something Good

Watch Cocoa Bean Growers Taste Chocolate For The First Time

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This 6-Year-Old Donated Her Hair In Hopes Of Helping Young Cancer Patients Feel Like Royalty


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Friday Morning Dance Party

Bobby plays a mash up of multiple songs. He wants to know everyone’s feedback and if they like it or not. Bobby took some calls to see if people liked it or not.  The feedback so far has been good and people are loving it! Bobby said that he has received over 600 tweets about the dance party and only 7 of them have been negative


Cruz Donates

Bobby talks about how Cruz was at the grocery store and the lady at the register asked him if he would like to donate to “Kids going to school”.  He didn’t completely understand the charity so he said no. The lady behind him in line had kids and she looked at him and said, “well that’s rude.” Cruz felt bad so he donated the $5 minimum.


Amy’s Sport Update

Amy talks about how the coach’s poll for college football came out. The top five teams in the USA Todays coach’s poll are: 5-Auburn, 4-Oregon, 3-Oklahoma, 2-Alabama, 1-Florida.


Amy talked about how Johnny Manziel went to Cleveland Browns after playing at Texas A&M.


Bobby talked about how Condoleezza Rice is on the committee to pick the top four teams.


More American Idol Clips

Lunchbox went out on Wednesday to the American Idol auditions in Nashville. Singer said “if I don’t make it I’m screwed.” He sang “If You Think I’m Sexy.” He’s 28 and getting close to the age cutoff. Another singer sang “Leave the Night On.” Bobby asked if he was better than that singer and everyone thinks that he is better for sure.


Bobby Takes Calls and Weekend Movies


Jessica called in from Virginia Beach. She talked about how she loved the Friday morning dance party. She would love to go into radio. Bobby told her to let him know when she was ready to intern and he would have a spot waiting for her.


Bobby talked about how “Guardians of the Galaxy” came out this weekend. He talked about how great of a movie it looks. Rotten Tomatoes said it’s a hit and Lunchbox’s friend said it’s definitely the movie of the summer.


Bobby also talked about wanting to see the new James Brown movie “Get on Up.” Amy said Rotten Tomatoes gave it 81%.


Top 10 Movies You Can Watch Over and Over


Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1


Star Wars-2


Back to the Future-3


Home Alone- 4


ET- 5




Jurassic Park-7


Independence Day-8






Bobby’s List included Hitch, Office Space and Old School


End of Show


Amy is going to do some Yoga.


Bobby and Eddie are playing at a Wal-Mart in Franklin, Tennessee as the Raging Idiots for a warm up for their charity tour.