Bobby Bones Show Recap Friday, August 8, 2014

Hair Growth

Amy noticed that Bobby’s eyebrows look trimmed. His ear hairs also needs to be trimmed…time marches on. 


Eric Paslay is Handy

Bobby discussed how normal Eric Paslay is, and he is a member of the nice persons club. Amy said Eric offered to help her husband build a deck, and calls him super handy.



Cops: Woman steals snake, crashes into New York firehouse

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Sexy Man Contest Liner

Bobby mentioned he is recording liners, he and Amy were doing a line on a Sexy Man Contest and he did not feel comfortable saying “vote for sexiest man”, felt Amy should say it. He gave a behind the scenes audio of the recording. If Bobby were in the contest, he would want to go up against Colt (Ford?)


Bobby Takes a Call

Christina in Norfolk was the caller, she will be deployed soon and will miss the show. Good luck, Christina!


Ray’s Big 3

Toddler Breaches White House Security, Ends Up on Lawn

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Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Strikes Hawaii Island Ahead of Hurricane Iselle

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Detroit-area Porch Shooter Convicted of Murder

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Taylor Clues

Bobby mentioned he should start doing clues and wants her to stop so he can catch up and solve them. He joked that she is going up to the 18th floor to meet a guy and needs to get out at 5am. Amy guessed she is streaming a concert on Yahoo! but Bobby thinks it is new music, which he knows she has coming out. Bobby then tricked the group into thinking he had the new single, but he played an old clip of Taylor announcing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. 


Amy’s 90 Second Skinny

Justin Beiber is friends with Malala, the girl who was brutally beaten by the Taliban. Ron Artest is changing his name to “The Panda’s Friend” after having already changed it to Metta World Peace. A pair of Willie Nelsons braids are up for bidding for Waylon Jennings. Tickets for the Garth Brooks show in Atlanta go on sale today



What Year Was It


Intern Lake’s Mom, Kristi, called in to play today


Song was: The Dance by Garth Brooks


Movie was: Pretty Woman


News: July 7 - “Love Without End, Amen” by George Straight spends five-weeks at No. 1 song, Strait’s first multi week chart-topper, after his first 18 No.1s had spent just one week on top. 


Bobby picked James Gandolfini, LB picked 1990, Amy picked 1991, and the year was 1990! 



Amy’s Sports Report

Kevin Durrant has left the team USA for the upcoming tournament. Amy thinks its because he is dehydrated. 


Roddy White made a bet with a guy on twitter that if Mercer beat Duke, he would buy the guy 50 yard line tickets.


Tell Me Something Good

Man pushes a friend in a wheelchair 500 miles across a spanish trail 

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President of Kentucky University taking a 90,000 pay cut to give workers raises

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Passengers free man’s leg stuck between the train and the platform in Australia 

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Amy’s Visitor

A man came by Amy’s house the other day and told her he grew up in her house. He asked if he could come in and look at how different it was. Amy declined politely. So LB went around to random houses quoting the lyrics from “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. Doing the same thing the man did to Amy. Bobby played the clips that lunch recorded of him talking to the home owners. 


Bobby Doppelgänger??

Two people commented on the Facebook page that they saw Bobby at a cafe here in Nashville. They both said that they saw Bobby and Lunchbox there and that they asked if they were the guys from the Bobby Bones Show. The two look-a-likes told the truth but the listeners were convinced and were upset that Bobby “lied to them” about who he was. Bobby explained on the air that it wasn’t them and that those two guys must be really good looking if they were confused for him and LB. 



Amy went to a meeting yesterday after the show, but right before she went to the meeting, she spilled a water bottle on her yellow paints. She stopped at a gas station, took her pants off and held her pants up to the hand dryer in the bathroom. Bobby called it a TAM, typical Amy move. 


Eddie and Eddie Jr. 

Eddie Jr. really wants to go see Ninja Turtles, but the ratings from Rotten Tomatoes are really awful. He hasn’t actually said he wants to see it, but he feels like he can’t because its PG-13. Eddie decided to show his son the older ones to see what he thinks, and then Eddie will go see the new one to gauge if Eddie Jr. should see it. 


Bobby’s Vacation

Bobby is going on vacation to a friends beach house by himself. Lunchbox has some advice for Bobby: don’t go alone. LB went somewhere for work by himself and said it was really awkward and boring to be by himself the whole time. Bobby said he likes to do things by himself but he doesn’t think he will totally unplug from work. 


Kacey Musgraves

Eddie hung out with someone in Kacey’s camp and they talked about how they need to get Kacey on the show. Bobby said he’s done begging to get her in the studio. He said that the old stuff will have to come up to clear the air, but after that they could be a super team. Eddie and his “source” both say that its getting closer to bringing Bobby and Kacey together. 


End of Show

Bobby and Eddie will be at Walmart in Franklin, TN at 11am today for an hour.

Everybody say bye…BYE!