Bobby hasn’t been able to sleep all week. When he finally falls asleep, he isn’t able to stay asleep. LB said if it makes him feel any better, he’s been sleeping just fine. Bobby said that doesn’t make him feel better.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Postal worker, 26, charged with assault after she ‘goes on rampage and Manhattan salon over botched hairdo’

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The Raging Idiots Weekend

Bobby and Eddie are flying to Denver tonight, then driving to Wyoming for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Bobby asked Eddie if he had looked up how far of a drive that is, but he hadn’t. Bobby said Justin the Suit will be there, too, and he’s the worst driver ever. Bobby said he also heard that people from all over come to Cheyenne Frontier Days, so he’s excited to meet all the listeners!


Amy’s Awkward “Run-In”

Amy forgot something at her house, so she pulls up the wrong way against the sidewalk since she was planning on coming right back. Amy threw open her car door, and didn’t notice a runner right next to her on the sidewalk. She opened the door into the runner, and the runner ran into it, and fell down. She popped right back up and kept running, and Amy tried to yell her apologies as the girl ran away, but the girl just looked back at her in disgust and with a little bit of embarrassment.


Bobby said that one time he almost hit a cyclist because the man on the bike ran a red light. LB said he used to challenge cars in high school by running out in front of them to see if they were going to stop for him. Cruz and Bobby have both seen mopeds hit by cars. They said that the moped lost, and the car wins, as always.  Amy asked if it was illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet because she sees it all the time, but Bobby said it isn’t illegal. Bobby asked Eddie if his wife would let him get motorcycle since he has two kids, and Eddie said his wife lets him do whatever he wants. Eddie said the day after he got his license, a motorcyclist hit his car from behind and almost died, and it was the worst day of his life.


Ray’s Big Three Stories

Pa. doctor shoot patient who killed caseworker

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Air Algerie: No survivors as plane wreckage found near Burkino Faso border

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Jackpot for Ocean County woman with big family

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Amy said she wears a bikini, and Nada said she does, too. Both of them said that they think about wearing one-pieces. Bobby said that for the first time in a long time, the majority of women are wearing one-pieces.  LB said that the pool in Vegas is full of bikinis, but Bobby said that women get paid to sit at the pools there. Amy said she’s never warn a swimsuit with heels, and says she sees it in Vegas, but Bobby said he’s never seen that. 


Bobby’s Profile

The first step of signing up for is to make a caption. LB thinks it should be “lonely in my room, looking for a way out.” Amy said that’s a bad idea, and Bobby should do, “Romantic and ready,” or “looking for some love other than my dog.” Eddie thinks he should say something about “meteoric explosion waiting to happen,” but Bobby thinks that could be taken wrong. Nada said he has to say something about being funny, so he should do something like, “funny and flirty.” Bobby said he would say something like, “Tattoos and a pit bull, but I can also French braid,” he thinks that shows he’s masculine and feminine. LB thinks that if Bobby mentions he can French braid, they’ll automatically think that he’s going to be a gay best friend. Bobby said they’ll figure out the headline, then start filling it out on Monday. He said he will put that he doesn’t want smokers, and he would put the age range between 24 and 35. He also doesn’t want to date anyone with a kid because he’s too selfish.


LB Take Shots with A Celebrity

LB said he took shots with a celebrity last weekend. Bobby asked if it was an A-list celebrity, and LB said that maybe his celebrity is brink of A/Top of B. He told everyone that his first name was Kyle. They went around attempting to guess which famous Kyle it could be. Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights, possibly? LB said no, he was even more famous. It was Kyle King from Teen Mom. He dated Macy on the first season. No one on the show knew who he was.


Angie and Amy’s Spin Class & Celeb Run-Ins

Amy went with Intern Angie to a spin class over the weekend. Angie ran into Nicole Kidman in her last spin class, so Amy was hoping to see her but she didn’t. Cruz saw Rex Ryan, the head coach of the Jets, the other day. He said all he could think about was his foot fetish. Bobby asked Nada if she’s hung out with any celebrities lately. She said no because Dan and Shay have been on tour with Blake Shelton.


What Year Was It

David from Houston is playing today!

Song: My Kind of Party – Jason Aldean

Movie: Dear John

News: Shelley Wright becomes the first female country artist to come out as gay


David picked LB as his player. LB guessed 2009, Amy said 2010, and Bobby said 2007. Amy was right, it was 2010!


Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols said that he thought his new album was very balanced. He said that he is not very involved in social media.  Joe said that he doesn’t like all the haters on social media websites. Many people said they didn’t like Joe’s National Anthem, but he said he did a fine job. Bobby agrees that Joe is a country singer and he sang the anthem like a country song.  Bobby’s theory on “Yeah” is that it is a creeper song. Both Joe and Bobby agree that the song contains some questionable lyrics.

Joe said that the song that is requested the most is “Sunny and 75.” He said that he had the same effect as Eric Church. Bobby congratulated Joe Nichols on all of his success.


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LB Business Idea

Lunchbox has a new business idea that he has been talking about for days- a putt-putt course. Lunchbox thinks that it is a great idea for kids and adults.  He thinks it’s just like a restaurant but only better. Lb says there can be cotton candy but no go-carts. Nada doesn’t understand the draw behind his Lb’s idea. No one wanted in on the business.


Tell Me Something Good

Bobby : Dog brought to High-Kill Shelter Gets Life Changing Makeover.

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Lunchbox: Pitbull saves 13 year old deaf boy from house fire.

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Amy: Researchers at Dartmouth think parasite found in cat poop may be new cure for cancer.

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Bobby at the Movies

Bobby talked about recent movies that he has seen.  Bobby talks about the new Hercules movie. Grace Rudolph reviews Hercules.  Bobby also talks about “Lucy”.  He talks about he would like to see it. Bobby asked where Scarlett Johansen falls on the hot scale.  Bobby gives her a 7/10. Bobby talks about the new Denzel Washington movie, “The Equalizer”. He talks about how great it looks and how much he wants to see it.  “The Equalizer” comes out September 26, 2014.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Man in Gainesville, Florida, run over by his own truck during road rage.

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Amy talks about how her grandfather passed away. She said her grandfather passed away from being ran over by a watermelon truck in 1941.


Bobby calls Christy because her husband donated over $200 and requested that Bobby and Amy call her and tell her how much he loves her and thanks her for how hard she works taking care of their son with special needs.


1 Second of Song

The show decided to play 1 Second of Song again! Bobby will play the first second of a song, and everyone has to write down their guess for what they think the song is! The loser will donate $50 to Susan G. Komen to work closer to the show’s goal of $50,000. If they get $50,000, Jason Aldean and The Raging Idiots will play a show together.


Song #1: Dirt – Florida Georgia Line

No one got it right! 

Song #2: Bartender – Lady Antebellum 
Sydney, Amy, and Eddie all got it right!


Song #3: We Are Tonight – Billy Currington

Nobody got it right!


Song #4: Small Town Throwdown – Brantley Gilbert
Amy and Bobby got it right!


Song #5: Dust – Eli Young Band

Sydney got it right!


Lunchbox lost again, so he owes another $50 on top of his $100 from yesterday. Nada also tied for last, so she owes $50, as well!


Bobby’s Vacation

Bobby was planning on going to the Bahamas, but Amy invited him to the Florida Keys, so he decided to go. He’s going with Amy and her husband, his doctor and his doctor’s wife, and Amy’s sister and her husband. Bobby is worried that he’s going to be the 7th wheel, but Amy said it’s not going to be a make out party, it’s just a friend trip. Kevin has little houses, so Amy, her sister, and their husbands will be in one house, and Bobby is going to be alone in the other house with the doctor and his wife.  Everyone thinks it’s awkward Bobby is staying with them in the house. Amy said she’s proud of Bobby for going. Eddie said Bobby never wants to do anything, and Bobby said it’s because he’s never invited. Cruz said Bobby is always invited to everything, he just always says no.


One Item to Bring to the Grave

LB said he wants to be buried while sitting on his jet ski with his prom king crown on his head. Bobby said he would bring his dog with him if he died or his laptop so no one gets in it and gets private information. Eddie said he would want to take one of his kids, then he realized it’s rude to take one, but leave one behind. He changed his answer to bringing his guitar. Nada said she would get mummified so she could bring whatever and be preserved and pure. Ray said he would bring a roulette wheel because it reminds him of Vegas. He would want the roulette wheel to keep spinning though.


Attraction and Relationships

It’s LB’s birthday today! For his birthday weekend, he said he’s going to “Hotlanta.” He’s going to see Lee Brice and Luke Bryan tonight. Tomorrow night, he’s going to Pittsburg to see Florida Georgia Line. LB said his mom fell in love with Luke Bryan’s boom boom and he thought that it was disgusting. Bobby asked if LB’s parents are still affectionate, and LB said he’s never really seen them be affectionate. Bobby said he walked in on his mom and stepdad once and he was really embarrassed. Cruz said he’s walked in on his parents all the time. Cruz said they didn’t stay in their room, so he would walk into the kitchen or living room and just see it. Bobby said he wants to have a relationship that you still want that with someone after a lot of years. LB said people get bored and that’s why they cheat. Bobby said guys have to be physically attracted immediately, then feelings come later. However, girls can be attracted to personalities, then later develop a physical attraction to them. 


“Man-Gagement” Rings

Bobby said that there’s a new thing called “man-gagement rings.” The woman buys the man an engagement ring, as well.  Bobby said he’s for it because if guys have to spend all the money on engagement rings, then women should have to buy a guy something nice, too. Bobby used to have an engagement ring fund since he knew it was going to be super expensive, but since then, he has put that money toward more important things. Nada said in her culture, the women always get the guys rings, as well. Her mom got her dad a ring for an engagement, and she got her ex husband an engagement ring that he wore on his right hand until the wedding day, when he switched it over to his left hand.


Birth Control

Amy has used two forms of birth control. Eddie said it was miserable when Amy tried to get on birth control for the first time because she was super emotional and moody. There is a new kind of birth control coming out that is a microchip inserted under your skin and can last 16 years. It can be turned on and off, as well. LB said that as a guy, he doesn’t think he would trust a girl that just said she has a chip. Bobby said he would take a birth control for guys, but LB said that’s not his responsibility. Ray and Cruz said they would definitely take a birth control pill. Bobby said that guys all feel like they’re being trapped, especially when they hit a certain age.

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End of Show

Bobby called a donor named Craig from Texas. His ringback tone was “Chillin’ It.” Craig donated $200 for Susan G. Komen.  Bobby told Craig he could give a message over the air and Craig said “Listen to the Bobby Bones Show.” Craig said he has a couple girls on the side, so he didn’t want to give a shoutout because he doesn’t know who’s listening. Bobby said he doesn’t have a problem with dating multiple girls, as long as you’re honest if they ask. Bobby said you have to keep your stories straight, or else it can be exhausting. Craig said he does it all over text so he can go back and read it and keep everything straight.


LB is going to Hotlanta to watch Luke Bryan tonight. Amy is going to Texas to see her mom. Bobby and Eddie are going to Cheyenne Frontier Days. Ray is staying in Nashville to workout and go to Broadway.