Bobby Bones Show Recap Monday, August 4, 2014


Bonehead Story

911 calls about Facebook outage angers L.A. County sheriff's officials


Bobby went and saw “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” He said that it was very Star-Treky but also extremely funny. Bobby said that he was supposed to go with a friend, but they dropped their phone in the toilet, so she couldn’t make it.


Best/Worst of Times

Amy said that her best time was her fun family dinner, and her worst was the 3-hour delay at the airport. LB’s best time was when he won $50 on a scratch off ticket, and the worst was on Friday night when his friends kept leaving him at bars. Bobby said his best of times was the Raging Idiots show, and his worst was when he got stood up for his movie.


Ray’s Top Three

China Earthquake Claims Nearly 400 Lives, Injures More Than 1,800


Ohio Water Ban Enters 3rd Day


Mudslides Shut Down Southern California town, 500 Children may be Trapped


Friday Morning Dance Party

On Friday, the show had the “Friday Morning Dance Party.” Bobby said that they played all different types of music even though they are a country station. Bobby said that he had 40 program directors contact him in anger about playing different types of music on the show. One director from Washington D.C. told him that the Friday dance party kicked butt. Bobby said the ratings in D.C. are like stairs because they keep going up.


Amy’s 90 Second Skinny

Sharknado actress Tara Reid has a new line of perfume coming out- it is described as light and refreshing. David Nail started collecting Jordan’s because his parents were never able to afford them. Neverland Ranch is going to be sold; it’s expected to go for at least $60 million.


Bobby Takes Calls

Tyler in Arkansas called in to say that the BBS shows was one of the best things that he had ever listened to; Bobby really appreciated his call. Bobby said that he saw a listener took a picture by his hometown side, which he said is crazy because people have to go out of their way to visit it.


What Year Was It

Kenna is going to play today.

The song was: “You Look Good in My Shirt”

The movie was: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

The news was: 15-year-old Miley Cyrus poses topless for Vanity Fair


Kenna picked Amy. Amy picked 2009, Bobby Picked 2007, and LB picked 2008. The year was 2008; LB won.


Bobby Takes Callers

Jake on the Twister in Oklahoma City is going back to school to teach third grade for the first time. Jake says he is crazy excited to start teaching public school


Becca from Little Rock is the one who took the picture underneath the Mountain Pine sign in Arkansas. Bobby thanks her for taking the picture and thought it was really cool.


Air Jordan’s

Bobby moved to a school called Lake Hamilton where all the kids were rich and had Air Jordan’s. Bobby wanted them as well, so he bought an old pair at a yard sale. When Bobby was 22, he got his first morning show and went straight to the store to buy a brand new pair of Air Jordan’s that same day he started working. Bobby said that buying those Air Jordan’s were one of the best moments of his life, and he still has the box they came in.


Email From A Fan

Bobby got an email from a fan, and the email started out with a statement about being a big fan of the show but went on to give Bobby life advice. The girl who emailed wrote that she thinks Bobby is a lost soul, and that Bobby gives listeners enough insight into his life for people to see who he truly is. Bobby read the email out loud, and it talked about how Bobby needs to find his true soul and that one day he will tell someone the words, “I love you.” Lunchbox and Amy think it’s not a bad email like Bobby said it was.


Tell Me Something Good

Dog trapped in brick wall overnight rescued


Postman barged down door to rescue mum from house fire


Minnesota Twins Sign Unknown



Wrong Body at a Funeral

A little boy was attending the funeral of his late Mother, and the funeral home had the wrong body. The little boy thought something was funny, but just went with the flow. After the body was buried, the funeral home realized they made a mistake and told the little boy.


Pimpin’ Joy

Bobby’s had the show go out and pimp joy on the weekends. This weekend, Bobby went to a little girl’s performance he met at one of his Raging Idiots shows. Amy watched a woman’s stuff on the plane ride home so she could go to the bathroom.


Raging Idiots Performance & Hope For Gabe

Bobby and Eddie did a short Raging Idiots show at a Wal-Mart in Nashville over the weekend. The local news came and did a story over the event. Bobby ran into a listener at the show who talked today about his charity “Hope For Gabe.” The charity raises money for research for kids with Duchenne. His 9-year-old son Gabe has the disease. To donate click the link below:




Kelly “Homewrecker” Ripa


A story came out that Michael Strahan’s fiancé called off the engagement after seeing the chemistry he has with Kelly. Bobby said he doesn’t think any of it is true. People think the same thing about him and Amy. He added that he thinks all of the dance partners on Dancing With The Stars have hooked up, and guys and girls in bands together (besides Gloriana.)




Denver, CO – A Colorado woman is suing after her job did a fake drill and held her hostage.

 False Alarm and LB's Orphan Black Review

Bobby talked about how cops busted into a car to rescue what they thought was a baby in a locked car- only it was a doll. A store is also selling a baby boy doll with anatomical male parts.  

LB talked about how Orphan Black is one of the greatest shows ever; he already watched the entire first season. Bobby then said that he is excited for Justin Moore, and he doesn’t know why stations aren’t playing his new song. Amy said that on the way home from Austin, on the plane, the woman next to her hummed the entire way. Bobby said that humming is as bad as when people fart.


Ed Sheeran Song

Bobby said that he is super pumped for the iHeartRadio concert and that he hasn’t seen Taylor Swift for a very long time. He gave a shout out to Kacey Musgraves saying he loves her album and he respects her so much. He thinks that even though they don’t get along they are still similar, and he wants to congratulate her. Bobby then played Sheeran’s new song and explained the plot behind it. Everyone guessed whom they thought the song was about. Everyone except for Amy guessed it was Taylor, but it wasn’t her.


Bobby’s Book

Bobby just talked about how his book was coming along. He said that he has written a couple of stories. He talked about the best and worst performances they had on the show. Bobby said a guy came onto the show and was terrible. Bobby said that when the Offspring came to play, he was humiliated. Everyone said that Sheryl Crow, Eric Paslay, Bruno Mars, Ben Folds, and Rachel from Gloriana had the best preformances.


Gay Couples

Bobby started talking to Sydney- the Phone Girl. She said that on “Big Brother” there are two guys that reminds her of Cruz and Bobby. She says there is Zac, the single dude who reminds her of Cruz. Then there is Frankie, who reminds her of Bobby. Cruz has seen the show and he thinks they are nothing like each other. Everyone decided that LB would be the last round pick for gay couples.


Bobby said that the Raccoon in “Guardians of the Galaxy” made the movie. He said the movie earned an A. He also saw the James Brown movie. Bobby said that a bunch of artist stole from James Brown. Bobby said that people can go and see the picture of Amy jumping in a swimsuit. Amy then gave a sports update from the weekend and addressed the man who broke his leg.


Everyone says bye!