Everyone is back from vacation. Bobby talks about how a man wanted to impress his date, so he purchased all of the seats in the IMAX theatre. Lunchbox said it was a baller move, while Bobby thinks that it is creepy.

Everyone then discussed The Notebook. Bobby admits that he has read the book and watched Rachel McAdams’ audition for the part. Over vacation this past week Bobby watched the movie again and cried. He also cried a different time over break and said that it is more embarrassing then crying during The Notebook.


Criticism of the Notebook

Bobby talks about his “single guy struggle.” Eddie has never seen The Notebook and is planning on watching it tonight.


Teen doing handstand on Mall of America 2nd-floor railing falls to first floor, survives


Everyone that agrees if you are going to try and pull off a stunt like this it needs to be recorded and then put on YouTube.

World Cup

A Brazilian man dies of a heart attack while watching penalty kicks on Saturday. He was in a bar while this happened.



USA plays tomorrow against Belgium. Bobby is ready for the game and is planning on dressing for the occasion with his American flag socks and hat.


Ray’s News Stories

1. Riders Stuck for 4 Hours on SeaWorld Skytower

2. Murder or accident? Source claims father knew toddler was in hot car



3. Suspects Sought After 9 Shot on Bourbon Street


Rising Star

Even though singing shows are getting old, Bobby really enjoys Rising Star. He likes the format and that the audience can vote, but Bobby didn’t think the talent was the great. Eddie on the other had really enjoyed the talent on the show. Bobby and Eddie agree that the judges aren’t good at being judges yet, but they are getting better. Bobby also feels bad for Ludacris because he is washed up.


Best and Worst of Vacation 


Best- Going to Haiti, trip was amazing and helped a lot of children

Worst- Her husband left for 7 weeks



Best- Tearing up the lake on the jet ski in Austin

Worst- Got back home and the airline lost his bag



Best- Went to Austin and slept a lot

Worst- Waking up this morning was hard, he said it was like waking up for the first day of school

Bobby actually went out with everyone from the show this weekend and was up until 2am. Bobby and Eddie preformed karaoke together. They sang “Nuthin’ But A G Thang by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Eddie didn’t know any of the words and said he was Bobby’s hype man. It was like a Raging Idiots show broke out in the middle of the bar.


90 Second Skinny

Amy let everyone know that the song “Drink A Beer” was offered to another artist before it was offered to Luke Brian. Before Amy reveals who the artist was everyone took a guess to who they thought it would be.

Bobby- Miranda Lambert


Eddie- Brad Paisley

Lunchbox- George Strait

Cruz- Jake Owen

“Drink a Beer” and “Drive Your Truck” were offered to Dierks Bentley and he turned them down. Dierks said there is a right time and place for each song and they both ended where they were supposed to be. Bobby thinks that if Dierks would have taken the offer on both songs he would be entertainer of the year without a doubt.


Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Destiny’s Child’s music motivates Miranda Lambert to run. Miranda said that when she would hear their music while running she would picture their bodies and it would keep her moving.


Amy Adams gave up first class seat to a soldier on a flight. She tried to be discreet about it, but others on the plane saw. Bobby said the he knows famous people who do nice things and it doesn’t come out. He thinks that if a celebrity wants their good deed to come out then it will, but if they want it to remain secret it will. Everyone agrees that the real winner is the person who got to sit next to Amy Adams on the plane in coach. Nada says that an ESPN employee that was on the plane leaked this story.

What Year Was It

Miranda from Dayton Ohio calls in to play.

Song: I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack

Movie: Traffic

News: PlayStation 2 is released.

Amy said 1998, Bobby said 2001, Lunchbox said 2000…. It was 2000!


Reality Shows

Bobby talks about how reality shows have to find talent for people they know can preform.  He talks about how shows like Rising Star have to go out and search for talent and cant just rely on talent to come to them. Last night Bobby watched Rising Star and talked about a girl named Trinity who was great and only had one hand but could still play.

Justin Moore “Home Sweet Home”

Bobby is re- world premiering Justin Moore singing Motley Crue song “Home Sweet Home”.  Bobby will call Justin tomorrow and premiere the song.

Tell Me Something Good 

Lunchbox- Woman Survives Being Run Over by Three Subway Trains


Amy- San Antonio Restaurant Donates All Tips to Charity



Bobby- Dog Found After 2 Years Lost in California Forest: ‘We Are Forever Grateful,’ Says Family



Bobby Cries

Bobby dropped 6 pounds over his vacation. He called Amy to ask what to wear to a yoga class. Bobby does the class and says he sweat like crazy. He said he was the only guy who didn’t take his shirt off.  When he got done with the class Bobby said he got really emotional and started crying.  Bobby had to buy a mat because he said it’s disgusting to use mats that are used by other people.

Awkward Airplane Experiences

Ray went back to Michigan for vacation this past week. While he was boarding the plane he saw a women who couldn’t get her seat belt to fit.  The flight attendants ended up not make wear a seat belt.

Amy was getting on her flight to Miami. A guy was praying to Allah on the airplane and people were freaking out thinking that he was a terrorist. The guy was basically having a panic attack.  Bobby says just because someone is praying to Allah doesn’t mean they are a terrorist.


Bobby said if you sit next to the window he believes it’s your window. The tricky part is when you have half a window. Bobby kept putting the window down and the person behind him would put it up. This continued for the whole plane ride, but Bobby never looked back to see who it was.



Queens New York man called 911 attached himself to a bomb so he didn’t have to appear


‘Designing Women’ star Meshach Taylor dies at age 67. http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/06/29/designing-women-star-meshach-taylor-dies-at-67/

Saved By the Bell Unauthorized Lifetime Movie to Tell the Cast's Scandalous Behind-the-Scenes Story


On Wednesday there will be a Mr. America pageant in the studio. It will be between Eddie, Lunchbox, Cruz, and Ray. Bobby lets the listeners know that there is royalty in the studio. Cruz was named Prom Prince his junior year of high school and his senior year of high school was crowned Prom King. The categories of the pageant will be talent, speech, and each contestant will have to answer a random question from the bucket. At the end of the show a Mr. American will be named and he will reign for a year.


Top 3 Songs

3. Who I Am With You- Chris Young

2. Beachin- Jake Owen, Bobby predicts that this song will be number one next week.

1. My Eyes- Blake Shelton

Sandwich Dilemma  

Bobby bought a foot long sub and only ate half of it and wrapped the other half up. Bobby was walking down the street and offered it to a man who then told Bobby he wasn’t homeless and no he did not want the sandwich.

The Single Life vs. Committed Relationships

When one is in a committed relationship they tend to have pointless arguments with their significant other, they can’t do whatever they want whenever they want, and they cannot hook up with other people. Lunch tells us that he and his girlfriend don’t have pointless arguments, he does whatever he wants, and he can hook up with someone if it is an upgrade.

When single one doesn’t have to remember anniversaries/birthdays,  can eat the food they want/can watch the movie they want all of the time, and doesn’t have to share money.


Amy and Eddie both have joint accounts with their spouses. Cruz when he was married he and his wife had separate accounts, he adds that he is now divorced


Show and Tell News

Bobby- NIckelback or 'nickel sack?' Deputies mistake conversation about rock band for drug reference


Amy- United Airlines plane diverted to Wichita after emergency slide inflated in cabin during flight Lunchbox- Cruise leaves Seattle again following fire



Lunchbox- Cruise leaves Seattle again following fire


Not Normal

Kentucky Fried Chicken accidently served a fried hand towel instead a fried chicken nugget to a costumer.

Shia LeBeouf was caught arguing with a homeless man over a hat. He was brought to court and pleaded not guilty. Shai also had a ‘Cabaret’ meltdown. According to TMZ he stood up in the middle of the performance and started smoking cigarettes. He was escorted out in handcuffs.


Next Vacation

Bobby is going to go somewhere and he doesn’t care if he goes by him self.

Amy and her husband went to Haiti this past week. Bobby if they got weird looks from everyone. She said no but they did venture outside of the camps walls where they were staying and it was a different experience.


Bobby Talks to Callers

 A senior is high school calls and asks bobby if he has an advice how to pick a career. He says to do what you love to do.

Mike called in talked about  he worked at a fast food restaurant and how customers would come into work and ask for “ that good good”. He said he had never got caught.


Michael calls in and said when ordering food you “ ask for lettuce” and that’s how people know that you want it.


TV Shows

Bobby talks about his binge shows. He has been watching a lot of House of Cards and Game of Thornes.  Amy has been watching Scandal.

World Cup

Bobby says he has been watching a lot of the World Cup. He said he wouldn’t watch it if the USA wasn’t still in it.  The US plays tomorrow against Belgium. Bobby says we should be able to beat them. Belgium only has 11 million people living there.

Most Difficult States to Live In

Some of the most difficult places to live are Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. The reasons for this are obesity, work, income, etc.

End of Show

Amy is going to do some Yoga today.   Tomorrow everyone has to wear something American. Bobby asked Amy if she wore anything American in Haiti and she said no. Bobby asked how her trip was.  She said it was great and how Bobby needs to go someday. Bobby said how he does plan to go sometime.  He also said how its amazing all the work everyone does over there.

Bobby’s highlight from his vacation was working out and how he lost 6 pounds this past week.


Tomorrow morning the debut of “ Home Sweet Home” by Justin Moore and Maggie Rose will be in studio.


Everyone say Bye…..BYEEEE!!!!!