Amy had a good 4th of July in Austin. She spent all of her time with her mom. They watched Lifetime movies on the 4th that all fit under the category “dead, white, and blue.” One of the biggest laughs Amy and her mom have had during their time together is while watching the show Wipe Out.



South County man lights bottle rocket, destroys garage

Talk about Fourth of July celebrations gone wrong brings up two more stories that Bobby and Eddie saw over this past weekend.


California man blows off hands with fireworks over holiday weekend


Michigan man killed by firework blast to chest

Ray's Big News Stories

1.     Swimmer attacked by shark at California beach: 'There was blood everywhere'

2.    Airports face chaos after American band UNCHARGED mobiles or laptops from US-bound flights over bomb fears - with iPhones and Galaxies top of the hit list

3.     What life is like for Casey Anthony

Bobby Goes to the Movies

Bobby this past weekend went to see Jersey Boys at the movie theatre. He said it was awful. Bobby had high expectations since he is such a fan of the play. Thirty-five minutes into the movie Bobby got up and left.


Lunchbox recommends that everyone go see 22 Jump Street.

Amy recommends Tammy. Lunchbox and Bobby both agree that it looks stupid. 

Tyler Farr Calls in

Tyler lost a bet with his girl friend, so he had to go see Tammy this past week. He said it was pretty bad, seeing as he fell asleep three times.

Bobby predicts that Tyler’s song “Whiskey in My Water” will reach number one by next week.

Bobby also calls Tyler out about not texting him back last night. Tyler apologized and said that he got a new number.

Tyler Farr will be in the studio tomorrow.

Number One

Jake Owen’s “Beachin” reaches number one. Bobby and everyone else agree that Jake is getting over looked for awards such as artist of the year and entertainer of the year.

Bobby plays the live version of “Beachin” that Jake played in the studio.

90 Second Skinny


Garth Brooks announces Thursday press conference


What Year Was It

Listener Michelle picks Amy to play.

Song- “Our Song”- Taylor Swift

Movie- Hairspray (remake) debuts

News- On September 4th Sammy Kershaw enters the Louisiana lieutenant governor’s race, running as a Republican

Amy picks 2007

And she is correct!!!

“Bobby’s Girl”

Brad Paisley called last week talked about how he was going to sing the song  “Bobby’s Girl”. Brad sent Bobby a clip of him singing the song.  Brad’s version will debut tomorrow.

Rumor about Carly Jepsen

There is a rumor that Carly Jepsen who sang “ Call Me Maybe” was begging a pawnshop to buy her purse for a certain price. They gave her less than she wanted.

Tell Me Something Good

Bystanders Lift Cab Off Pinned

Bear Cub Saved After Head Gets Stuck in Cookie Jar

Upland residents shocked by winning half-million-dollar prize

Upland residents shocked by winning half-million-dollar prize

TV Show Updates

Bobby watched a show this weekend called “The Leftovers”. On Netflix he finished “House of Cards” and started watching a show called “Tyrant”.  Bobby said it’s a good show. Nada started watching “Scandal” and loves it! Lunchbox said there are some new “Locked Up” episodes.

Bobby’s New Tattoo

Bobby wasn’t planning on it but his tattoo artist had time for Bobby so he went in. He got a tattoo of the state of Arkansas on the back of his arm. For someone who has commitment issues he loves getting tattoos and how permanent they are. Bobby said he kind of likes the pain.

Comments on Instagram

Bobby says he gets a lot of nice comments on Instagram. He says if you want to hear nice things than Instagram is the place to go. If your wanting to hear some mean things than check out Facebook.

Bonehead Story of the Day

In Toronto Canada, a man staying at a Holiday Inn started spraying a fire hose after a night of drinking. The sprinklers went off and flooded the hotel, also causing a small fire in electrical room.

Movie Reviews

Eddie and his son, Eddie Junior review the movie, How to Train Your Dragon Part Two. They both said it was awesome, and Eddie cried. Bobby said yesterday he walked out of the new Jersey Boys movie, because it was so cheesy. A caller, Sarah says she saw How to Train Your Dragon Part Two also, and that the kids and parents in her family connected with the story. Sydney made her boyfriend watch the Notebook this past weekend. Bobby says he always cries during it and Eddie, said it made his eyes misty when he watched it. Sydney says her boyfriend cried, and she was surprised.

Going Out with the Interns

Bobby doesn’t think the members of the show should be able to go out with the interns anymore. Last weekend, the interns went to a show at a bar with Lunchbox and Cruz. Lunchbox hugged Morgan’s sister when she came in, and her boyfriend started getting in his face. He wanted to fight Lunch, but Lunchbox didn’t do anything to egg him on. Alayna thinks that members of the show can hang out with the interns and take them to eat but shouldn’t be able to go out downtown drinking with them. Because the interns are unpaid employees, there would be a liability issue if something bad were to happen.  The new rule is that the members of the show are not allowed to drink with the interns or invite them to go out. Lunchbox thinks that’s crazy, because the interns are adults and can make their own decisions. He isn’t forcing them to drink. But Bobby decides they need to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Jake Owen Calls In

Jake Owen calls in, and Bobby tells him congrats on his number one. His kids are screaming in background. He said his family went out on the boat for the Forth of July and heard Beachin playing from other boats. Beachin is his fifth number one, which has been really cool for him. Bobby coaxes Jake into telling him the new single, which is We All Got What We Ain’t Got. Jake says he wanted to release a song with some depth to it and not just a party jam, so he thought that song would be a good one. Then Bobby plays the acoustic version Jake performed on the show last year of just him and his voice.

Dennis In Town

Dennis works with the show from a corporate level, so Bobby asks Dennis a question about drinking with interns. Bobby asks Dennis what he thinks about the liability issue that comes with drinking with interns. Dennis says he was an intern for five years, so he understands wanting to hangout and be invited out to bars. Nada says she can see Lunchbox’s side because the interns are adults and they can make their own decisions, but also sees Bobby’s side with the liability issue. Bobby says that this is his show and he feels responsibility to look out for everyone on the show. Bobby asks Cruz if he was allowed to drink when he was in the Marines and under 21, and Cruz says that they just followed the rules wherever they were. Bobby plays Kenny Chesney’s new song “American Kids” and says that it’s the best Kenny Chesney www.match.comsong in a while.

End of Show

People keep asking Bobby if he has a profile on Amy created a profile for Bobby where his name is “Adventurous Bobby” and Bobby thinks the name is stupid and sounds dirty. Bobby found out that is a sponsor of the show, so he gets to have a profile for free. 5 years ago, Bobby thought he was in love on and then he saw on the news that people were using a fake picture and it was the girl he was talking to. Bobby thinks he is unlucky because then this happened to him again with a supposed “model” from Los Angeles a few years ago. The show is over, everybody say bye… bye!