Bobby Bones Show Recap Thursday, August 7, 2014


Bobby’s Juice

Bobby said that he hates the juice that he has been drinking; Amy feels that he is simply over it. Bobby talked about Jake Owen’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Everyone thought that Jake’s song was really funny.



Cheating Brazilian girl swallows phone to stop boyfriend from reading text

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Ray’s Big 3

Hawaii 2 hurricane Julio

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Suspected Ebola victim dies in Saudi Arabia

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Oscar Pistorius murder trial closing arguments

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The Forbes Coolest Cities in America

1. Washington D.C.

2. Seattle

3. Austin

4. Houston

5. San Francisco

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Woman tracks down the mother who abandoned her as a baby... only to realize she has unwittingly married her brother

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Airplane Phone Ban

Bobby said that as a political candidate, one of his platforms would be that no one could talk on the phone while riding an airplane. Bobby said that everyone chatting it up would get really annoying really fast.


90 Second Skinny

Jason Aldean’s song “Burnin’ it Down” was written by the guys from Florida Georgia Line, but they didn’t want to record it. Taylor Swift left another clue on Twitter and Instagram. Catelynn Lowell from Teen Mom is expecting another child.


Game of Thrones is up to 20 million viewers- which is really large for HBO. Bobby then gave his top 5 TV shows.


1. The Walking Dead

2. Homeland

3. Scandal

4. Orphan Black

5. Game of Thrones


What Year Was It

Sarah from Manhattan played today.


The song was: “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait

The movie was: Encino Man BV

The new was: Kurt Cobain marries Courtney Love


LB and Amy guessed 1992, but Bobby guessed 1990. Sarah picked LB, and the year was 1992!

Toronto bakery makes $900 cupcake

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Tell Me Something Good

The Sweet Gesture Adam Sandler Did for 8-Year-Old Fan With Leukemia

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Kids Get Governor To Increase Penalties For Animal Abuse

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Two women narrowly avoid being hit by train

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Raging Idiots Opener

Bobby talked about how the Raging Idiots need a new opener when they go on their new tour. Today they brought in Kelsea Ballerini. They plan to do the audition Voice style; if she gets all 3 chairs to turn around, then she can be the opener.


Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea talked about her history in music. Bobby knew that she was good, so he wanted to bring her in and listen to her preform. First, Kelsea preformed “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith.  Eddie turned around after 10 seconds. Cruz turned around after 45 seconds. Bobby turned around in the last few moments of the song- he wanted to her the “final passion.”


Kelsea is 20 years old and she is from Knoxville, TN. She was in choir and glee clubs when she was younger. Her new song, which she also preformed, is called “Love Me Like You Mean it.”


Bobby talked about in Austin, when an executive, Rod, got Bobby the job in country radio. Last night, Rod was in Taylor Swift’s apartment listening to her new music. So, Bobby got him on the phone. Rod said that he isn’t allowed to say what her new music sounds like.


Listeners Greatest Moments on the Radio

Zac- Pimpin’ joy week because you really got to know the artists

Celeste- When LB was locked in a rom with a snake

Derek- When the karaoke girl came in and sang Purple Rain


Parenting Advice

Eddie has a problem with his kid watching PG-13 movies, and he can tell his son wants to watch it, but knows that he’s not 13 yet. Lunchbox had a babysitter growing up, and his name was No Teeth Keith. No Teeth Keith would let Lunchbox watch Friday the 13th when he was really young. Bobby asks Eddie if he would let Keith watch his kids, and Eddie says he doesn’t even let Cruz babysit.


Name That Tune  

Taylor Swift- Red 

Dolly Parton- Jolene 

Passenger- Let Her Go

REM- Everybody Hurts

Celion Dion- All By Myself

Lady Antebellum- Need You Now

Eddie Won!



Michael Bryan

Bobby asked Michael is the country version of “All About that Bass” will make top 60. He said that it probably will, because more station keep picking it up.


End of Show

Bobby said that he is going to bring back the Friday Morning Dance Party tomorrow morning. Amy has a client lunch today. Today LB has a business deal with Nissan. Remember to check out Eric Paslay’s 40 minute podcast.


Everyone says bye