Bonehead Story of the Day

Oregon man trashes mom’s home, kills cat after being told to move out


Mixed Tapes

A listener messaged Bobby and asked what Bobby would put on his ultimate love playlist.


1.     Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter


2.     Love Your Love the Most – Eric Church


3.     Yellow – Coldplay


4.     You Look Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton


5.     Don’t Take the Girl – Tim McGraw


6.     More Than Words – Extreme


7.     You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker


8.     Love Me Tender - Elvis


9.     Diamond Rio – Meet in the Middle


10.You Were Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson


Ray’s Push-Up Challenge

Eddie is pulling for Ray to complete the 1000 push-ups. Lunchbox feels that Ray will not be able to do it, and Bobby thinks that Ray’s body will give out.


Rays Big 3 News Stories

The world’s tallest waterslide opens today in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s 17 stories tall!


The World Cup final is set; Germany will play Argentina this Sunday. Argentina beat the Netherlands yesterday in the semi-final.


6 people died in Houston after a father went on a shooting rampage killing 4 kids and 2 adults. One of the daughters, who was critically injured, called the police, and told them that her dad was going to kill her grandparents. Fortunately, the police were able him after a 3 hour standoff.


Eddie’s Parenting Situation

Eddie Jr. was playing on the couch when he slipped and fell and hit his head on the coffee table. He started bleeding from a cut above his eye. Amy and Bobby say that Eddie takes him to the hospital; Lunchbox says just to use either an icepack or superglue. Eddie did not take him to the hospital, but he called other people for advice and they said to put superglue on it.


Bobby Takes Calls

Clade from South Carolina called in to talk to Eddie about Eddie Jr.’s accident. He said that it’s important to consider the possibility of concussions with head injuries.


Amy’s 90 Second Skinny

A website did a survey to figure out which States are most like a country song. Oklahoma was number 1, Tennessee was number 12, and New Jersey came in last.  Ryan Gosling is having a baby with Eva Mendez. Mendez was on The Ellen Show recently and denied pregnancy claims. George Clooney got a tabloid to take back its statement that his finance’s mother didn’t approve of him from a religious standpoint. 


What Year Was It

Daniel from Austin picked Lunchbox as his partner.


Song: I Need You- LeAnn Rimes


Movie: X-Men


News “Amazed” by Lonestar becomes the first country song to have topped both the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and the Billboard Hot 100 chart since the Kenny Rogers-Dolly Parton due, “Islands in the Stream” in October 1983.


LB and Amy picked 2001, and Bobby picked 1999.


The year was 2000!





LB’s discovery

LB claims he discovered a star at live karaoke. She sang Martina McBride and LB took some videos of her singing. Bobby disagreed with LB and said that she was bad at first, but after listening he said she was ok.


Tell Me Something Good

Amy- Storms Monday made a delayed a flight with passengers on board. The pilot took out his phone and wallet and paid for pizza for everyone on the plane.


Lunchbox- A woman at the store was trying to buy diapers and formula for her baby. She was fumbling in her purse trying to get enough money when and older woman stepped forward and paid for her.


Bobby- A Youtuber dressed himself up to look like a homeless man. Every time someone would stop, instead of taking their money he would give them $5.


Bobby Talks to Callers

Josh from Nashville called to say that Bobby was overly critical about the karaoke girl. Bobby said LB made it a huge deal and he hadn’t heard the audio until they played it live and didn’t agree.


Maggie Rose in Studio

Maggie came in and everyone gave her a hard time for being late. She was here to debut her new song, which apparently is a very “anti-bro” country. The song is called “Girl In Your Truck Song”. It’s a fun female anthem from a girl’s perspective of what happens in bro-country songs.


Bobby said that this girl will “make” Maggie. Maggie felt that this song is the female statement, and Amy really liked it.


Cruise did an impression of Maggie when she’s had a little too much to drink. “I love you guys so much, I just really love you.” Bobby told a story about a bar fight in Texas where Justin, the Suit, left Maggie to make sure Bobby was not harmed.  Maggie said that Justin only left because he knows that she can handle herself.


Maggie’s kindergarten teacher called in. Maggie says that she is the reason she is here today. Maggie also stated that her teacher gifted her with her first gig, singing “I Love You Lord” in a school performance.  Maggie then sang the song.



In Spokane, Washington the first man in line to buy recently legalized marijuana gave a TV interview. His boss saw him and he was fired because drugs are against his company’s policy.


Maggie Rose Interview Continued

Bobby showed a phone-recorded clip of the karaoke girl to Maggie. Maggie says that she loved the enthusiasm and that the girl had some swag. Bobby then played the recording of Maggie singing the same song recorded on the same phone. Everyone thought that Maggie’s performance was exceptional and that it was very good to see her.



Yesterday Dierks Bentley texted Bobby and asked if he was home, Bobby said he wasn’t. When he got home, he had been “flocked” by Dierks- plastic birds covered his yard. Bobby is going to have Dierks sign all of them and then sell them for charity.


Bobby Takes Calls

Tyler called from Tokyo Japan. He said that he always listens to the show on iHeartRadio. Tyler said that moving from Texas to Tokyo was a very large change and that being single in Tokyo is “awesome.”


Show and Tell News

LB: The teenage girl that left a note saying, “If you're reading this, I'm either missing or dead,” has been found in a shopping mall. Further information hasn’t been released.


Bobby: A 17-year-old soccer fan gets a modeling deal with L’Oreal after she was shown on TV.


Amy: Donald Sterling says he wont sell Clippers, calls wife a “pig” in court.


More News

A guy filmed his wife driving to the hospital with a go pro camera, while driving 95 mph.

 A man found the word “GOD” in an eggplant.

A 15-year-old girl was killed trying to chase a mugger who stole her iPhone. She jumped onto the back of his moving vehicle and was thrown off when the driver swerved.

Man steals $1600 worth of ribs and steaks from Walmart. He asked for the meat at the counter and then walked out of the store without paying.


Cruz Loves  “So You Think You Can Dance”

Bobby says Cruz is probably the manliest guy on the show but he loves one thing he thinks is kind girly: “So You Think You Can Dance”. He doesn’t vote or memorize the names of the people, but he loves watching it. He likes the girls and the new music.


Andrew from Norfolk called in and said he really likes the show.



Bobby said on Instagram he posted “where are you.” He got a lot of replies from people saying where they were.


Emmy Nominations

Game Of Thrones was nominated for 19 Emmy awards. Breaking Bad also received nominations for its last season, including best actor in a drama for Bryan Cranston.


Liza called in to explain to Bobby what the show Orphan Black is about since he didn’t know anything about it. It’s about a clone taking over the identity of her “original” after witnessing her suicide.


Justin’s Heart Attack

Justin, the Suit, is pacing outside the studio NEEDING to talk to Bobby. Bobby was fearful that Justin might have a heart attack. Also, a blog went up about Amy’s upcoming show. Everyone gave Cruise a hard time because he chose to eat an apple rather than a cake pop.


End of Show

Bobby ends the show with a “Cruz imitation.”


Everyone say bye