Bobby Bones Show Recap Wednesday, July 31, 2014

Everyone thought it was amazing that a man won the lottery scratch-off ticket twice. Bobby said that he probably thought that someone was playing a joke on him.

Malaysian Airline

There was another almost Malaysian Airline disaster. Bobby said that the airline needs to change their image. Lunchbox discovered another girl at karaoke last night and she sang the song Purple Rain. They played the audio of the clip and everyone agreed that it was very good.

Attempted Pimpin’ Joy

Yesterday Bobby and Eddie tried to help a woman whose car had broken down in front of the studio. When they pulled up to help, the woman refused to get any kind of assistance. However, she let Intern Daniel move her car. 

Yesterday, Bobby was told that he couldn’t play “All About That Bass” on the radio anymore. Bobby said that his new song is “Don’t” be Ed Sheeran. Bobby then played the audio from when Ed came on the show.

Bobby Takes Calls

Max called in to say that he loved the show. Bobby played “Fishing in the Dark” in honor of Max. Gary called in and thanked Bobby for moving into his town. Bobby said that right now is the golden age of country radio because “nobody gives a flip.”

American Idol Interview

Lunchbox went to go interview people who were standing in line to audition for American Idol. One girl said that God told her that she was good, but Bobby didn’t think she was very good. Jake was another person whom Bobby thought wasn’t very good.  

What Year Was It

Braden is in the National Guard and he picked LB.

The singers were the people from the American Idol Lunchbox interview.

The year was 2014!

Cam in Studio

Cam came in and helped the Raging Idiot’s preform a country version of “All About That Bass.”

Tell Me Something Good

Cancer survivor raises the $11,000 on his gofundme page

CLICK HERE to read more

Bought dress storm Nicole

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Turbo the Chihuahua has a New Set of Wheels

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More American Idol Interviews

LB interviewed a 15-year-old who was not very good. The next person he interviewed also did not have star potential. Another woman said she was like no one LB had ever heard, which was right because she was terrible. Bobby said that he wants to try and see if can sing better than one of the people auditioning. He sang some Garth, and he was definitely better. 

Ray’s Top 3 News Stories

Peace Corps Pulls Volunteers From African Countries Over Ebola

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Malaysian flight abandons takeoff

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Man on FBI’s Most Wanted list captured

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Woman loses part of finger during lion attack

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Bobby’s Doctor Incident

Bobby talked about his past and why he will never have a drink. A while ago Bobby was put on an antidepressant from when he was jumped by someone while he was walking into the radio station. He also took several other pills for various ailments. Bobby’s doctor wanted to know if Bobby had a problem with drugs. But Bobby said he DOES NOT have a drug problem.

All About That Bass Country

The suits told Bobby that he is not allowed to play “All About That Bass” anymore because it’s a pop song and it made it onto the country charts. So Bobby got Cam to come in and sing “All About That Bass” as a country song. There’s only 1,000 free downloads online, so Bobby encourages listeners to hurry up and download it. 

Bobby’s New Voicemail

Bobby set up a new voicemail on his phone and he wants to play it for the show so they can tell him if it’s pretentious or not. Lunchbox asks him what pretentious means, and asks him why he wouldn’t just say “stuck up.” Lunchbox thinks that he should just use the phrase “stuck up” because more people would know what that means. Bobby thinks that the little girl in the room would know what pretentious means, but turns out she didn’t. 

Sharknado 2 Review

Lunchbox gives a complete summary of Sharknado 2. Lunchbox says that the movie begins with them in a plane that gets attacked by a Sharknado and the pilot gets pulled out of the plane. Lunchbox mentions very important details from the movie including the fact that stars like Tara Reid and Billy Ray Cyrus are in it. Lunchbox is screaming, while giving a detailed summary of the movie while Bobby keeps trying to cut him off. Bobby then plays a speech from the movie, and cuts Lunchbox off because he won’t stop talking about the movie.

 Bobby’s House and No Teeth Keith

Bobby Talks about wanting to sell his house yesterday and a company sent him a pre-closing gift today.  The company’s website was  The gift included balloons, champagne glasses, sparkling juices, lottery tickets and a cake.

No Teeth Keith

No teeth Keith is a childhood mentor of Lunchbox’s. Lunchbox looked up “No Teeth” yesterday and the first thing that popped up in Google was “No Teeth Keith.” Lunchbox talked about how No Teeth Keith would take kids to the beach and their parents thought nothing about it.

Real Estate Agents

Cruz talked on air about how attractive he thought the real estate agents were that brought Bobby gifts. The agents turned around when they heard them talking in the car and came back to the studio. Bobby said they were pretty attractive, but one had a big rock on her finger. Bobby said the wrong website on air and then he corrected himself. He originally said to visit for the real estate agents. However, this site was an adult site, the actual site was

Kelsea Ballerini

The Raging Idiots will be performing in Wichita, Kansas on September 5, 2014, and they don’t have any more details yet. Bobby wants to bring someone to open for him, and his first idea is a girl named Kelsea Ballerini. Bobby says that he’s been doing some YouTube studying and that she’s really good. Kelsea is coming on the show next Thursday to essentially have an “audition” to open for the Raging Idiots. Bobby got in trouble for playing the Kelsea Ballerini song because she has some kind of exclusive deal with satellite radio. Bobby makes Ray sing it since they can’t play it, and he butchers it.

End of Show

Amy said that she’s meeting a friend for yoga… and it’s Bobby’s ex-girlfriend. LB says that’s weird and that Amy should be team Bobby. LB said today is relaxation day; he’s going to sit on the couch and chill. Bobby said that he has some stuff to do with real estate agents.

Everyone says bye.