Bobby Bones Show Recap Tuesday, August 5, 2014


New Music Selection

Bobby’s new music selection for the week includes: “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” by Tyler Farr, “Make Me Wanna” by Thomas Rhett, and “Party Like You” by Cadillac Three. Everyone agreed that all of those songs are very good.



Woman accused of lying about cancer


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Ray’s Big Three 

New York patient ‘unlikely to have Ebola,’ Health Department says


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California firm issues nationwide fruit recall


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This year’s top 20 part schools


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Dumbest Song Lyrics

There are a lot of dumb song lyrics out there.  There is one particular song lyric that every time Bobby hears it he has to turn it down.  The lyric is “I don’t want to get a DWK, driving while kissing they’ll put you away,” from Frankie Ballard’s song “Whiskey and Sunshine.”


Amy’s Sport Report

Amy talks about how surprising it is that there is such a short amount of playtime actually televised during football games. She said there is only about 11 minutes of actual playtime televised during a game. 


Amy’s 90 Second Skinny

Gwyneth Paltrow has never had plastic surgery but goes through an expensive process called “Facial Ironing.” 


Taylor Swift posted a video on Instagram of her pushing the 18th floor button on an elevator 6 times. This could possibly be some sort of encrypted message regarding her new music. 


The stars of “Big Bang Theory” are now making “Friends” style money.  Jim Parson, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are now making 1 million dollars an episode now. That is what the stars of “Friends” were making during their prime. 


What Year Was It

Katy from WMXQ played today

The song was “Smile” by Lonestar

The movie was “Cruel Intentions”

The news was that “Believe” by Cher reached #1

Katy picked 99. Bobby and Amy picked 1999, and LB picked 1998. The year was 1999!



Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay is coming in tomorrow around this time to play an entire set. Bobby said that he is very talented and is an excellent performer. Bobby is giddy; he is so excited for the performance. Bobby said he has a huge announcement coming up. It doesn’t make him made; he is just in disbelief. 


Tell Me Something Good


Unwanted old lab 'Lady' adopted by Wrigley Gum heiress after 30 mile walk home


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Hidden Cash Hits New York With $100 Bills Hidden In Pez Dispensers


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This Bride Photobombed Her Groom In Childhood Photo 11 Years Before They Met


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Bobby called Michael Bryan to talk about the legalities that Bobby might face for what he is about to do. LB said that the bear has been poked, and Bobby is super pumped. 


Bobby’s Segments

Bobby has learned that a competing station in Boston has started using Tell Me Something Good a few weeks before the show takes off there.  They use an extremely similar intro to the segment.  Bobby found that the station has even started using the 90 Second Skinny Segment.  Lunchbox was extremely agitated that this station has started using the segments. Bobby thinks they are taking everything so that when the BBS moves into town it will look like we have stolen their segments. 


Justin Moore Call

Justin Moore talked about his song “Small Town Throwdown.” Justin said that in his hometown, there is no sign that says “Home of Justin Moore.” Bobby thinks that they both need signs in their hometowns. Bobby and Justin actually grew up fairly close to each other. Bobby thinks that “Home Sweet Home” is an awesome song and he thinks that radio stations shouldn’t be so scared of it. 


Dusty Ran Away 

Bobby was at a movie on Saturday night and felt his phone vibrating a bunch of times in his pocket but ignored it because he was watching a movie. On Monday, when Bobby was driving home from work, he asked Cruz why the security guard in the neighborhood called him on Saturday night. Cruz told him that Dusty, Bobby’s dog, had gotten out of the house and tried to run away. Bobby was mad that Cruz did not tell him, but Cruz told him that he had taken care of the situation already. 


Twitter War 

Bobby got a call from Michael Bryan last night at 10 p.m. who was scared that Bobby was going to get into a Twitter war. Eddie and Lunchbox start reading Bobby’s tweets out loud. Bobby said he almost leaked a press release last night, but kept it cool. Bobby let Amy read it off his computer, and Amy told him that it was awesome. Lunchbox asked him how he got his text so big on some of his tweets, and Amy said once you get a certain amount of favorites, the text expands. 


Show And Tell News


Bobby- Ebola Breakout Could Have “Catastrophic” Consequences


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Amy- Air Force Academy Confronts Misconduct Allegations Against Athletes


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Lunchbox- Tennessee Tornado Helps Bust Neighborly Thief


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Heidi Burson In Studio 

Intern Buddy claimed that he had found the next rising star at Hard Rock Café karaoke night, so Bobby agreed to have her come into the studio. Heidi brought her keyboard with her, and performed two songs live on the air. She performed Purple Rain, the song she sang at karaoke night and did an Aretha Franklin song as well. Everyone on the show was extremely impressed, and she mentioned that she had a show at Hard Rock Café this Friday night from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. 


Bobby’s Recent Downloads

One of Bobby’s most recent downloads is the song “Guy Walks Into A Bar” by Tyler Farr, and Bobby thinks it will be another number one song. Bobby also has the song “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran on repeat and can’t stop listening to it. Michael Bryan was persisting that the song “American Kids” was an amazing song, and Bobby wasn’t that into it at first, but it was grown on him a lot. Bobby also loves Jason Aldean’s new song called “Burnin’ It Down,” and thinks that Jason took a big risk by releasing this song.  


End of Show

Amy doesn’t really have anything going on. LB has a soccer game tonight. Everyone says bye. Bye!!