USA Soccer Game Attire

The show is dressed up in their USA gear today for the USA v. Belgium game. Amy has her made in America jacket. Bobby is wearing a red fleece, American Flag socks and a hate, blue checkered shorts and red shoes. LB is sporting the US soccer jersey. Ray has a sleeveless USA shirt. Cruz is wearing an American flag shirt. Eddie is wearing very short shorts with stars on them and a red hat. Bobby said he doesn’t even like soccer, but he’s pumped about the game today. He said America usually isn’t the underdog, so that’s why it’s so exciting.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Drunk Roofer Shoots Lakewood Man in the Stomach with Nail Gun


Bobby Takes Calls

Elyse in North Carolina said that today is Canada Day. Bobby said that today is USA Day, and that tomorrow, all the Canadians can party their hearts out.


Ray’s Top 3 News Stories

Derecho Hits Chicago and Milwaukee: 2 Dead, Several More Injured in the Midwest and Plains


GM to Recall 8.45 Million More Vehicles in North America


US Men’s National Team Confident in Preparations for Belgium


Bobby Takes More Calls

Beth in Baltimore called to say that she really loves the show and listens every morning. Bobby said that the show is fairly new in Baltimore, so he appreciates that she’s a listener!


Lauren in Ft. Myers called in while roadtripping with two friends. She was driving from Ft. Myers to Washington D.C. for the 4th of July. They had been driving all night and waiting for the show to come on.


Jimmy from Georgia called in to say how much he loves America.


America Things

Bobby mentioned a few things that he thinks are completely American. He started off with a clip from the 1969 moon landing. Then, Bobby played Living in America from the Rocky movies. Also, Bobby played the McDonald’s jingle, because he said it wouldn’t be America without obesity. Bobby said he loves McDonald’s fries, and that even though they’re bad for you, everything is okay in moderation. Bobby said that nothing says America like McDonalds. Bobby played a studio recording of Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock.” He said that he saw Elvis’s suit go for a ton of money in an auction, even though it had sweat stains.


90 Second Skinny

People magazine named Joe Manganiello the hottest bachelor, followed by Jared Leto. Toby Kieth and Kenny Chesney. Beyonce took the number one spot on the Forbes’ World’s Most Poweful Celebrities list. Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney also made the list. Zac Brown Band will join Miranda Lambert, Lionel Richie, and others for Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. On TV today, US Soccer game starts 4 pm Eastern. Tonight, Real Housewives and 16 and Pregnant will be on.


What Year Was It

Brandon played this morning and got to pick everyone as his partner. 


Song: God Love Her – Toby Keith


Movie: Sex and the City


News: Reba McEntire departs her longtime record label from MCA Nashville after 2 years and signed to The Valory Music Co.
Amy picked 2007, Bobby picked 2005, LB picked 2007.


The year was 2008!





Back In The Day

Yesterday, Bobby was tweeting using the hashtag #BackInTheDay. He asked listeners to call in and share their #BackInTheDay stories. Michael calls in and says that back in the day he used to get smacked with a paddle in school. Amy says that back in the day she can remember recording mixtapes for boys she liked, directly from the radio. Lunchbox says that back in the day he learned how to write cursive and he can remember writing people letters and actually sending them in the mail. Cruz says that back in the day he had to start downloading songs from his computer at night so they would be finished in the morning. Back in the day, Nada would spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating French Toast Crunch.


Tell Me Something Good

Bobby: Lady gets her high school diploma at age 111 after leaving high school in 1918.


Lunchbox: Best selling author James Patterson is donating 45,000 of his books to encourage kids to read in New York.


Amy: Make A Wish offered a 4-year-old with Leukemia a wish, and he used it to get toys to donate to other sick kids in the hospital.


Bobby’s Diagnosis

Bobby says that he had a health scare the other day, and went straight to WebMD. Bobby’s fingernails and toenails changed colors, and after searching online for a diagnosis, he came to the conclusion that he was going to die. WebMD told him to call a doctor immediately, and Bobby thought he had endocarditis. After a while, Bobby realized that it was just his spray tan.


The Notebook

Eddie watched The Notebook for the first time, and Bobby asked him if he cried while watching it. Eddie said there were a few moments where he teared up a little, but he did not cry. Eddie texted Bobby after he watched it and asked if they committed suicide. Eddie hopes that when his wife and him get older, they continue to have a love like that. Eddie says that Ryan Gosling reminded him a lot of himself in the film.


Justin Moore

Justin calls in after Bobby plays his new song “Home Sweet Home,” a tribute to Motely Crue. Bobby says that Justin and him grew up in the same place in Arkansas and it’s really cool to see someone doing it big from his hometown.


Article on Bobby


“Bobby Bones is Now the Most Influential Voice in Country Music” is the title of an article that was written about Bobby this week. Bobby says that people were contacting him very angrily, and he defends himself by saying that he did not write the article and he didn’t know it was coming out. Bobby appreciates the author who wrote it and the website, but he doesn’t fully agree with the article itself.


Drugs Through a Drive Thru

Yesterday on the show everyone was talking about how drug deals happen in the drive thru of restaurants. A listener then called in to explain different words that someone going through a drive thru would use to receive drugs.


Lunchbox went to see if the words the listener gave the show actually worked. He went to different drive thru establishments. The first place he went to Lunchbox ordered a small fry and a side of green beans (marijuana/weed). Lunchbox also used good good sauce and devils lettuce in his other orders. None of the “extra” items resulted in receiving drugs.


Bobby was worried that Lunchbox was going to get arrested the whole time.


Banning Waffles

Eddie informed everyone that Waffle House is banging Belgium waffles today in spirit of the USA vs. Belgium game. Everyone in the studio is dressed in red, white, and blue in support of the World Cup Match later on at 3.


Show and Tell News

 Amy- Aaron Hernandez Featured In University Of Florida 2014 Calendar


Lunchbox- "Cannibal Cop" Conviction Overturned Due To Lack Of Evidence


Bobby- Supreme Court rules against Obama in contraception case



A listener calls in to say that Bobby shouldn’t go on or a dating website. Lunchbox says that Bobby has celebrity status and should have no trouble getting a date. Lunchbox says that Bobby could walk into a bar/or anywhere, snap his fingers and girls would come up to him…. Bobby didn’t believe that this would be possible.


Bobby then talked about his speed dating experience. He said that it was miserable and that he once talked about the weather with a girl on a speed date for the whole two minutes.


World Cup

Bobby asked Amy to name as many soccer players as she could. The first name that came to her mind was Ronaldo… Bobby told her that doesn’t count and it needs to USA players. She could name Jozy, because that is the name of her dog. Amy couldn’t remember his last name. She also didn’t know who the US goalkeeper is or what he looks like.  


End of Show

Bobby said that everyone is going to be watching the game tonight. The coverage starts at 3 pm Eastern, but the game doesn’t start until 4 pm Eastern. Amy said she’s going to be watching the game, too. Bobby said hopefully we win, but Lunchbox said that we WILL win.


Show is over, say bye everybody!