Bonehead Story of the Day

A guy from New York was pulled over for speeding on a motorcycle and when the cop asked for his named he misspelled “Jonathan” four times. The guy finally gave the cop his real name, which was Jason, and admitted that he didn’t have a driver’s license. He was arrested for false identification and speeding.

Nada Broke Up With Boyfriend

Nada broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. Amy randomly thought about it this morning, and had noticed that her tweets had been a little sad. Bobby said the problem is that Nada still wants to get him a birthday present even though he broke up with her. Bobby thinks that she should get him a gift in case they get back together later, Lunchbox says she should get him a gift if she wants to look desperate, and Amy says she shouldn’t get him a gift at all.


Ray’s Three Big Stories

A Cold Weather Blast In July

Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes Wins Home Run Derby

At Least Ten Dead In Moscow Subway Derailment


Lindsey Ell Musical Obstacle Course

Since Lindsey Ell did not debut her new song on the show as she promised, Bobby told her they would still play it, but only after she went through a musical obstacle course. First, they made her do the Barney theme song and today she did Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.” Bobby thinks that she should be making the songs funny like they are, but instead she makes them sound really good.

Ugly Radio Personalities

There is a list of ugly radio personalities from all over the country and Lunchbox is number one. Lunchbox said he got an e-mail saying that he had made the list, and he was really happy that he made number one. He was voted number one for his looks and personality. Lunchbox says that it doesn’t affect him because a blind person made the list and he knows that he looks good and the ladies know he looks good. Bobby said he felt bad for him when he saw the list. Amy thinks he has the right attitude about it.


Bobby saw that a DJ contacted Amy yesterday via Twitter. Amy had tweeted about working out to a spin cycle playlist. Bobby has a new workout song by Megan Trainor called “All About That Bass” and suggests it to Amy.

90 Second Skinny

Dierks Bentley was quoted saying that he thinks country music is going is in a really hip and cool direction, and it’s not like your grandfather’s country anymore. A lot of people got angry Dierks for saying this. Congrats to Justin Moore and his wife who welcomed a new baby girl into the world, joining two younger siblings. Kate Middleton’s friends have told tabloids that she is pregnant again, so there will be a new prince or princess coming soon!

What Year Was It

Nathan from D.C. played today, and he picked LB as his partner

Song: Papa Loved Mama – Garth Brooks
Movie: The Bodyguard
News: Barney & Friends debuts on PBS

LB picked 1994, and Bobby and Amy picked 1992.


The year was 1992!


Bobby Takes Calls

Evan from Augusta called in to say that he loves the show. He also wanted to tell LB that he is awesome. He felt really bad that LB won ugliest radio personality of 2014.

Kelly from Raleigh called in to say she loves the show.

Liz in Stillwater called to give a shout out to her son who is currently overseas. 

Russell in Austin called to say he downloaded the iHeart app just so he can listen to the show. He’s a truck driver so he loves to listen when he’s driving. He loves listening to Amy’s voice.

Bobby’s Favorite Songs

Bobby has three favorite songs right now.

Song About A Girl – Eric Paslay
All About the Bass – Meghan Trainor 

Rum – Brothers Osborne

Eddie Shaves His Head

Yesterday, Ray attempted to complete 1,000 push-ups in three hours. Eddie was so confident that Ray could do it, that he said he would shave his head if he didn’t do it. Ray came up short by about 100, so LB gets to shave Eddie’s head. Before Bobby started, Bobby said that he shaved his head completely once and he was so ugly, his mom cried.


Tell Me Something Good

Amy: This Little Fella From Myanmar Can Now See, Thanks to Strangers

Bobby: Out of 2,000 people surveyed, 52% said that they look at life as the glass being half full.

LB: No, Orange Is The New Black Has Not Been Cancelled

Amy’s UTI

Amy has a UTI, and wanted to make a PSA on how it happened. She said she treasures her sleep, so sometimes she holds in her pee at night, and it ended up giving her a UTI. Amy said that sometimes she uses her husband’s piddle pack when they go on long drives.

Juice Cleanse

Bobby and Cruz are both doing a three-day juice cleanse. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they’re drinking juice. Amy has done a few cleanses, so she was giving them advice for what kinds are the best to drink!

Bonehead Story of the Day


Taco Bell employee shoots, assaults customer with BB gun

Will Chase Calls In


Will has been listening and heard them talking about spray tans and piddle packs, so he decided to call in. He wanted Ray to know that you can ask them to spray abs on to make him look better. He said that normally he’s in New York, but whenever he’s in town, he loves listening to the show. Bobby said that Will needs to come in sometime when he’s back in town to film!

Christie Cookie Co. Comes In

About a week ago, Christie Cookie brought in cookies for the show! They are rebranding after over 30 years. Nada said the studio looks like a cookie store because they brought so many! They also asked if they could rub Eddie’s newly shaved head for good luck. Bobby and Cruz are on their first day of their juice cleanse, so they have to miss out on enjoying the treats.

Doing Something Nice

Over the weekend, the members of the show were supposed to do something nice for somebody. Bobby tried to pay for a woman’s Subway sandwich, but she refused. Lunchbox decided to go out and try to give people money. Lunchbox came up with 5 Dollar Friday, where he walked around and handed out $5 to random people on the street and recorded it. In the video, he plays a game with a woman where she chooses one of his hands and either wins $100 or $5. Lunchbox ended up giving out $190 at the end of the day.

Show and Tell News


Bobby: Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Came Face-to-Face at Bedroom Door

Amy: Shoppers Smashed the Windows of a Hot Car to Save Children

Lunchbox: A boat that had been tipped over for two years was finally brought in, and they plan to use the recovered ships for parts.


A 16-year-old Tom White from Omaha, Nebraska took a selfie for Instagram with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet in the background outside a restaurant. Tom captioned the photo “Chillin with my homies.”

Bobby has posted his favorite selfies online, which include Jana Kramer, Robin Thicke, Taylor Swift and more.  


Bobby Takes Calls

Terry went on vacation in Alaska and was surprised to find that the show aired in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Brandon in Georgia called to ask if Lunchbox still needed a Hulu account and if he did, he could use his.

James called in and followed the push-up challenge and said that he plans on doing 2,000 push-ups in 4 hours and was wondering if Bobby would like the video of him doing them.

Cruz’s Shark Tank Idea

Cruz was at the gym and noticed a girl constantly taking selfies.  Cruz thinks it would be great to have a weight with a slot for your phone so you can actually work out while taking selfies.

90 Second Skinny

Garth Brooks is going back on tour and plans to announce more dates today. Jennifer Aniston is planning to have a mini face-lift in August. She thinks its terrifying she’s crossing paths with Angelina and Brad at the George Clooney’s reception. Little Big Town will release their album “Pain Killer” on August 31st, which they think is going down a new path. On TV tonight, there is an MLB All Star Game, Americas Got Talent, Deadliest Catch, Pretty Little Liars.

Bobby Takes Callers

Mandy in Springfield, Massachusetts brings her 7-year-old son in the car every day and he really enjoys listening to the show in the morning because it puts him in a good mood.

End Of Show

Lindsey Ell played the Barney Song yesterday, today she played “Baby” by Justin Bieber and tomorrow she will play “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Bobby says he is off to finish his cleanse, and he won’t be done till Friday. On Friday, the show wants to have a cheat day and eat whatever they want.

Show is over, everybody say bye!