Susan G. Komen Fundraiser

The official total for the Susan G. Komen fundraiser is $34,729. The show still needs about $50,000 to meet their goal. If they reach it, Jason Aldean will play a show with The Raging Idiots, with all the proceeds from that show going to St. Jude. Today was the day Bobby was hoping to reach their goal, but they are still about $15,000 short. Bobby did the math, and they need about $3,800 an hour to reach their goal by the end of today’s show.

Click the link to donate!:

Bonehead Story of the Day

Knife-throwing skills aside, man arrested on warrants

Ray’s Big Three New Stories


2 U.S. Marshals and NYPD Officer Shot in Gun Battle with Accused Child Molester

Ok Cupid Lied to Users About Their Love Matches, Calling it an “Experiment”

Malaysia Airlines Wants to Rebrand, Considering Name Change



LB’s Nightmare

Today, LB has to get into a room with a snake for two minutes since they reached $30,000 yesterday for Susan G. Komen. He said that he had a terrible nightmare last night that had a snake swallowing his right arm, and then another snake came out of nowhere and started to strike him in the chest.

Bobby’s Donations

Bobby promised to match all donations made to Susan G. Komen until the end of the hour. After about 5 minutes, Nada calculated that Bobby owed about $4,000 already! LB said every time he refreshes the donation page, the numbers keep going up.

With ten minutes left, Bobby owed $9,300! Bobby said he will just donate $10,000.d

Bobby pulled out his credit card, and donated it on air! Bobby said he could buy a car with this money, and LB said he could actually buy 10 cars.

The final total after Bobby donated was $58,371!

What Year Was It

Erick in Tulsa played today and picked Bobby and LB as his partner!

Song: Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks

Movie: Something About Mary

News: Goo Goo Dolls released “Iris.”

LB and Bobby picked 1998, and Amy picked 1999.

The year was 1998!



Lee Brice in Studio

Lee Brice is currently on the road with Luke Bryan, and he said that he’s a genuinely good guy. Bobby said that he was backstage with Luke Bryan at the CMT Awards, and he was about 6 feet away from him while Luke was “warming up.” However, Bobby said Luke’s warm-up is grinding, not singing. So, every time Luke would grind, he would get closer to Bobby. Lee said that Luke probably just did that so Bobby would talk about it on air.

Bobby also asked Lee about the rumors about Lee Brice making a gospel album with his family. Lee said that it was true, and he’s planning on picking up his family from South Carolina on his bus, and bringing them to Nashville to record.

Lee said that the day he wrote “I Don’t Dance,” he knew it was going to be a hit song. He said that he had songs for the next record already, but after he wrote “I Don’t Dance,” he saw a direction for the album. He said that sometimes he has a gut feeling after he writes songs that he knows they’ll be popular because they feel special. After Lee wrote “Crazy Girl,” he also had that gut feeling.

Although Eli Young Band recorded “Crazy Girl,” Lee Brice is the one who wrote it. LB saw Lee and Luke Bryan perform it together over the weekend in Atlanta, and he said it was an awesome collaboration, so Bobby asked Lee Brice to sing it today. Lee said that he has been touring with Luke since January, and last weekend, Luke asked Lee if they could sing “Crazy Girl” together, and Lee agreed. They ran through it once during sound check before the concert with Luke playing the piano, and then they played it at two different concerts over the weekend.

After Lee played “Crazy Girl,” Bobby asked him how much his guitar playing and singing had to do with him winning over his wife. Lee said he met his wife on a beach, and after two minutes, he knew he had to impress her, so he asked her to stay where she was, and he ran about a mile to grab his guitar, and ran all the way back. His wife said after she realized he wasn’t a crazy guy that was going to kill her, she was worried he was going to be terrible, but obviously he wasn’t. He said the first song he played her was “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, which he played a little bit of on air!

Tell Me Something Good

Bobby: Miracle Puppy Found Alive and Well in Burned Out Home Days After Fire


Amy: Couple finds tribute flag at flea market, returns it to fallen Marine’s mom


LB: There was an explosion on a highway during rush hour when a car ran into the side of a huge track carrying gasoline. Everyone walked away unharmed.

World Is Ending Tomorrow

Bobby asked everyone what they would do if they found out that the world was ending tomorrow. Amy would eat whatever she wants, Lunchbox would try to find Minka Kelly then go to a bar, Eddie would take all the money out of his bank account and do whatever his kids want to do, and Bobby would do what he normally does and hangout with his dog. Bobby says that he would do all bad things since he has never done them before and he would drink for the first time.

Lunchbox and The Snake

A listener brought a black ball python in for Lunchbox’s snake challenge. Lunchbox uses his phone to call in while he is locked in the room with the snake. Lunchbox continues to scream and yell when being escorted to the room. When Lunchbox is finally locked in the room with the snake and is yelling that the snake keeps moving towards him. When the two minutes are finally over, Lunchbox returned to the studio, screaming that he is now “the man.”


Bobby has a wheel with everyone’s name on it and whoever’s name it lands on has to watch Sharknado one and two. The wheel does not have Amy’s name on it, and they blame Intern Daniel for making it. Bobby spins the wheel and it lands on Lunchbox’s name.

Show And Tell News

Bobby- If You Can Run For Five Minutes Every Day, You May Add Years Onto Your Life

Lunchbox- Lebron James Will Wear Number 23 Next Season  


Amy- Divers Free Tangled Boston Whale Watch Boat After Night Stuck at Sea



Bobby’s New Music

Bobby wants to bring three new songs to attention. Bobby really likes the song “Feelin’ It” by Scotty McCreery right now and can’t stop listening to it. Bobby’s second new favorite is “Make Me Wanna” by Thomas Rhett. Bobby says he loves the sound of it, and hasn’t heard a country song sound like that before. Bobby’s third new song is “Shut Me Up” by Lindsay Ell, and he says she sounds like she will kick your butt in the song.  

Bobby Takes Callers

Stephanie from the Twister in Oklahoma calls in and asks about the fundraiser this morning. Bobby tells her that they only had until today to raise 50,000, so he thinks his listeners were playing a joke on him because he offered to match the donations. She asks about the Raging Idiots show in Oklahoma and Bobby says they want to release the Raging Idiot’s tour dates but everything is tentative right now.

Jeremy calls in to talk to Lunchbox so he can tell him that he is a man for standing in that room with the snake. Lunchbox asks if he was actually listening when he was in the room because he was screaming and freaking out.

Judy from Susan G. Komen Calls

Judy, the C.E.O. of the Susan G. Komen foundation called in to thank the show for raising over $60,000 for them! The original goal was $50,000, but listeners went above and beyond, and didn’t stop donating! Bobby said they are going to keep the link up to continue to allow listeners to donate!


Shark Week

Bobby said that Shark Week to most people is the big deal that happens once a year, but on the show, Amy warns Bobby when her “Shark Week” is coming. Bobby said he dreads Amy’s Shark Week because she is unpleasant for a while.

Eric Paslay

Bobby said if there is a rising star, it’s Eric Paslay. Bobby said he’s like Rain Man of song writing. On Wednesday next week, he’s going to do an hour-long concert on the show, and he’ll play all of his hits, and also all of the ones that he wrote. Bobby said he cannot wait for everyone to hear how could he is. Bobby played Eric Paslay’s cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Bobby said Eric Paslay is so good, it could give you an “ear-ection,” but LB said that he doesn’t think Bobby can say that.