Florida Georgia Line’s New Song

Bobby played Florida Georgia Line’s new song, “Dirt,” and thought it sounded a lot like “The Ballad of Curtis Loew,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bobby said that Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the first concerts he ever attended.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Indiana man shoots own hand, both of his wife’s legs in gun-cleaning mishap



Ray’s Top Three News Stories
Typhoon lashes Japan’s Okinawa Island Chain



Six Flags roller coaster car derails; 4 injured



Cops find young woman who abandoned infant at Columbus Circle subway platform




Mean Facebook Comments

Yesterday, Bobby talked about how he got a new tattoo on his arm, a 6” state of Arkansas. He said he’s starting to get addicted to them, which is weird since he can commit to a tattoo, but has terrible commitment problems with women. Eddie looked at the Facebook comments yesterday and saw that they were brutal, so he told Bobby to not look at them. Eddie picked out the top 5 meanest comments he saw:


5. It better be a joke. That’s one of the worst tattoos I’ve seen


4. Atleast it will be a good conversation starter….. “WTH is that?”


3 . Ok this is what stupid people do when they are drunk


2. You guys are all mental.. It’s sharpie calm down.


1. I guess if he likes it, that’s all that matters. But it’s ugly. Period.


Amy’s Mom’s Bucket List

Amy said her mom is going to be able to get to go on an Alaskan cruise, which is something that she’s always wanted to do. They still have to run a few things by doctors, and Amy and her sister have to plan the whole trip in just a month. Amy said it’s going to be really pretty, but Bobby said if he could go on a cruise anywhere, he wouldn’t pick Antarctica. Everyone said that Antarctica is completely different than Alaska, but Bobby said it’s pretty much the same thing. The show has another weeklong break coming up in August. During the first break this summer, Bobby just stayed in his room in Austin the whole time. He said for the next break, he’s going to put three or four places on a wheel and spin it, and just go wherever it lands on. LB said his dream vacation would’ve been to go to Brazil for the World Cup, because next year it’s going to be in Russia, and he has no interest in going there. Bobby said he would rather go to Russia than Brazil.


Bobby Takes Calls

Casey in Pennsylvania called in to say hi. He said he was kind of star struck because he’s been trying to call in for 3 months and finally got through. He said he hopes to see the Raging Idiots


Joanne in Sarasota, Florida called because she heard they were talking about Canada earlier, and she wanted to tell them that they should definitely visit Canada because everyone is so nice. Bobby said he has a French minor.


Elyse called in to say she was offended because she was born in Canada and she knows she’s not a sissy. Bobby asked if she thinks it’s because she’s been in America for so long. Elyse said women in Canada are very dominating.


James in Tampa called to say that he only listens to the show in the morning. He loves that when he gets off work at 7 am, the show is on. If he could change one thing, he wishes the show would come to Tampa more often.  


90 Second Skinny

Garth Brooks going to make an announcement during a live press conference on garthbrooks.com, but you have to sign up in advance to be able to watch. Madonna served jury duty yesterday. She sat there for two hours, but the judge decided that she would be too much of a distraction if she were to stay and be picked. Joe Manganiello, who was named People’s hottest bachelor, is now dating Sofia Vergara.


What Year Was It

Travis from Austin played today, and picked Lunchbox as his partner.


Song: “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” – Steve Wariner
Movie: The Man in the Iron Mask
News: Google, Inc. was founded.


Lunchbox guessed 1999, and Bobby and Amy both guessed 1997. 


The year was 1998!


Tyler Farr in Studio

Bobby thinks that Tyler Farr’s song, “Whiskey In My Water,” is going to be a number one single by this time next week. Tyler knocks on wood and says that it would be his first #1 song that he’s written. Tyler says although “Redneck Crazy” was his first #1 song, he released two other singles before it called “Hot Mess” and “Hello, Goodbye.” Bobby is mad that he texted Tyler the other day and got no response, and Tyler tells him that he got a new phone.  Tyler performed Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” in the studio. Bobby said that when it’s not Miley, it’s actually a good song.


Tell Me Something Good

Amy: Culver’s owner pays $144k to employees out of pocket



Bobby: Culvers is where Amy and Bobby very first met. He was sitting by himself, and Amy came up to him and shared her coupons with him.


LB: Stolen 9/11 flag returned just in time for the Fourth of July 



Ray’s Push-Ups

Ray thinks he can do 1,000 push-ups in three hours. Bobby doesn’t think that he can do this because he will get exhausted. Eddie thinks he can do it because he can rest in between sets. Bobby says that if Ray can’t do 1,000 push-ups in three hours on Thursday morning then he has to go to the spray tan booth and get seven spray tans in a row. Bobby also says he can’t shower for 24 hours.


Victor Calls In

Bobby puts Victor on in Colorado Springs and he gets no response. Bobby thinks that Victor is asleep, but then they hear noises. Lunchbox thinks he is ordering a door at home depot. Eddie thinks he is a doctor, and Bobby thinks that Victor is an ambulance driver. Bobby says he is going to come back to Victor later because he’s really curious about his life now. Bobby gets Victor back on the line and Victor says that he loves the show and had a friend growing up that reminded him a lot of Bobby. Victor doesn’t think that Bobby looks as bad as he makes himself seem on the show, and says that he was dating one of the hottest females in country music.


Brad Paisley Calls In

Brad Paisley calls in from LA where he has a house. Bobby asks him how he got asked to do Rising Star and he says they called him in the Spring and the more he talked with the producer, the cooler the show sounded until he eventually said yes. Brad says that Rising Star is the most fun he’s had on a Sunday night. Bobby asks Brad how Kesha is in person, and Brad says that she is actually a really warm person. Bobby asks Brad if he can set him up on a date with Kesha. Brad Paisley sent Bobby a version of “Bobby’s Girl” that he recorded. Bobby’s Girl is Bobby’s favorite song, and Brad had never heard it before.


Bobby Takes More Calls

Jody in Norman, Oklahoma called in to say she really enjoys the show. She loves that all the people on the show are real. Jody also said that she loves Kacey Musgraves. Bobby said that as people, she hates his guts, and they haven’t had the best run-ins with each other, and he really respects her because she doesn’t take crap from anyone.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Jason from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania gave his opinion on the name of the Washington Redskins and got his picture posted in the newspaper. Turns out, he had been arrested in New York a couple years back and ran out on bail. The cops showed up at his college campus and arrested him.


Lindsay Ell Broke A Promise

Lindsay Ell promised the show that they would be able to debut her new song. Bobby heard that her new song was played in other cities already, so he called her to tell her that he was disappointed in her. Michael Bryan agreed that is was disappointing because he thought she was a friend of the show. Bobby reminded her that a lot of number one singles, including “Beachin’,” debuted on the show.


When are You Too Old For…?
Bobby discussed an article that gave the appropriate maximum ages for various things in life.


Baseball caps: Bobby said he still wears baseball caps. The article said 32. Eddie and LB both think that baseball caps are ageless. Bobby thinks that wearing a backwards ball cap has an age cap, though.


Growing a goatee: LB said 18 is the age that it’s too old. Bobby said that if someone has a goatee, check their computer, because they are sketch. The article said 34.


Bikini: LB said that after you have kids, your body won’t return to form. LB thinks the police should hand out tickets to pregnant women who wear a bikini. The article says 48.


First tattoo: Eddie thinks 35, LB said 25, and Bobby said 34. The article says 31 is too old. Bobby thinks that it matters what you do for a living, though. 


High heels: Amy thinks that high heels are timeless. The article says 32.


Bobby said that he started feeling good about himself when he was 30, but LB said that Bobby lives a very different life than most people. LB said his life has been good for a very long time. He said it got a little rocky for a bit because his old roommate had to move out because he got a girl pregnant, so he had to find new buddies to bar hop with. Bobby said that LB has Peter Pan syndrome, but he thinks that it will eventually end when he knocks up a girl and has to grow up. LB and Eddie both think that they killed it in their 20s.


The Bachelorette

Last night, they did hometowns on the Bachelorette. Bobby said he accidentally sent Sydney the spoiler for the show. Sydney said she likes the bachelorette a lot this season because she’s really smart. Sydney’s favorite guy this season is a farmer because he’s the nicest man. Sydney told Bobby that when she goes to dinner with her boyfriend, there’s never a pause in the conversation, and they don’t have their phones out. Bobby said that he can’t wait to get to the point with someone where you don’t have to talk to them, then that’s awesome.


End of Show

Amy is going to hang out with her mom and do a yoga class. LB said he’s going to watch the World Cup, then play soccer.


Show is over, everybody say bye!