$5 Challenge


Jason Aldean came in yesterday to promote his new song, “Burnin’ It Down.” Bobby and Jason made a bet that if Bobby could raise $50,000 for Susan G. Komen, then Jason would play a concert with The Raging Idiots, with all proceeds going to St. Jude. If the donations reach $25,000, Ray has to listen to the same song for 24 hours straight.  Today, Bobby started a $5 challenge, so click the link below to donate!








Bonehead Story of the Day


Texas Man Shoots Himself Hitching Up Shorts in Store




Jason Mraz’s New Album
Jason Mraz covers Boyz II Men in his new album.  Bobby said Jason Mraz clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, and anyone that covers Boyz II Men is cool in his book. His new album is full of sad songs, which Bobby said he loves because he’s so happy when he’s sad.



Ray’s Top 3 News Stories


FAA issued a warning banning all American carriers from flying to Israel for up to 24 hours. A rocket fired from Gaza damaged a house less than a mile from the airport there so that’s the reason for the ban. 





There has been a food recall on peaches, nectarines and plums from Trader Joe’s, Giant or Martins. Return them, and you’ll get your money back.  They could lead to food poisoning because they just discovered they have bacteria on them.




In NYC, A group of 4-5 people climbed the Brooklyn Bridge, stole American flags, and bleached them white. They are still investigating who did this. They don’t believe it was terrorist activity.



8 Celebrities That Were All Rich Before They Were Famous


Bobby said that he has less respect for celebrities who were rich before they were famous because they had a safety net.  The celebrities include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Anderson Cooper, Lana Del Rey, Rashida Jones, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Adam Levine, and Armie Hammer.



$10,000 Means Cruz Takes His Shirt Off


Bobby said that if the show can raise $10,000 today for Susan G. Komen, Cruz will take off his shirt, and pose for a picture that will go online. Bobby said Cruz hates taking his shirt off, and Cruz agreed that it’s his worst nightmare.




Stealing at Work


Bobby said that Walmart sent three tablets for the show to use around the studio.  Someone signed for them, but the signature was so bad, they couldn’t trace it back to who signed. The tablets are missing. LB said he’s had a bottle of Tequila go missing. Amy said there was an all-building email that talked about leaving dishes in the sink. Amy wishes that their side of the studio had their own kitchen and bathroom, separate from the rest. Megan called in to say she hates when people steal pens from her work, and Bobby said that sometimes he accidentally walks out with pens. Bobby said he got his first job because people were stealing stuff. He went to a radio station asking for a job, and people got fired for stealing sound and light equipment a couple of weeks after he was hired to clean, so he got put on air.




Ali Lohan Wants to Do Country


When Bobby, Amy, and LB heard that Ali Lohan wants to do country music, their first reaction was to laugh at it a little bit. Bobby said that when he first heard Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, wanted to do country, he had the same reaction, but when she came in and performed, he was blown away. He said he won’t judge Ali Lohan, and he’ll give her a fair shot when she comes in to play.



What Year Was It


Brandon played today and picked Bobby as his partner.


Song: Settlin’ – Sugarland
Movie: Juno
News: Jordin Sparks of Arizona wins Season 6 of American Idol.


LB, Amy and Bobby all picked 2008!


The year was 2007!



$5 Challenge


Bobby talked about trying to raise money for Susan G. Komen. If they reach $10,000 Cruise will pose shirtless, at $20,000 Ray will listen to burn it down for 24 hours, and at $30,000 LB will be locked in a room with a snake for 2 minutes.



Jerk or Gentlemen


Cruise and a younger girl were the only two people who were working out in a gym. Cruise said she was trying to life too many weights and she tripped and fell. Cruise said he looked away to spare her the embarrassment. He said she picked herself up, got a drink of water, and left. Cruise didn’t know if he was being a jerk or a gentleman. The show voted and the consensus was……..jerk.


Brushes With Fame


Amy saw Kimberly from Little Big Town in the mall, but she didn’t want to bother her.  Bobby said Amy should have said hey because Kimberly is in the Nice Person Club, so it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. Josh from Florida met Kevin Spacey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and he said they were very nice. Cole met Selena Gomez while she was in town to see family.  Liz met Jason Aldean, and she thought he was very nice. Renee met Brad Pitt at a restaurant. 




Tell Me Something Good


Elderly Woman Saves Dog From Coyotes




Texas Family’s Dog Found in Washington, Returned




Former Public Transport Bus Converted Into Mobile Shower for Homeless in San Francisco




Dine and Dash


A girl had to return after she dined and dashed because she accidentally left her purse in her seat.




Eric Paslay


Bobby said that they need to have Eric Paslay concert, or where he comes in every day in a week. Bobby stated that some people think that Eric is not handsome enough, but Bobby said that Eric Paslay is CRAZY talented.



Bonehead Story


Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy on Motercycle




Guardian Angels


Bobby said that he doesn’t believe in guardian angels, even after a woman said that she was supposed to be on the Malaysian flight. Amy said that she does believe in angels but she doesn’t think she has a guardian angel. Bobby said the thought of dead people watching you is kind of creepy because they watch you all the time.  Bobby also thinks it is crazy that Seth MacFarlane was supposed to be on the 911 flight.



Best Country Song


Bobby was asked what the best country song is right now. He said it was probably expected for him to pick a radio single, but he didn’t. He said “She Don’t Love You” by Eric Paslay. He doesn’t understand why Eric’s label won’t put this out as a single because it’s such a good song. Amy finds it strange that slow, sad songs make Bobby happy. He said another favorite song of his is “Keep It To Yourself” by Kacey Musgraves. He blames Program Directors for that song not becoming a hit. He says everyone complains that there are no females on country radio, but PD’s are passing on good songs like “Keep It To Yourself” and Jamie Lynn Spears’s “How Could I Want More.” He also said he can’t stop listening to “Rum” by Brothers Osborne.


Show and Tell News


Bobby: Cameron Diaz cut an interview short after a radio host dissed Drew Barrymore’s drug years.  




Amy: The hottest wedding date this year isn’t in the summer, it’s in December!


12-13-14 is the hottest date this year to get married.




LB: FXX is going to have a The Simpson’s marathon extravaganza! They will air all 522 episodes in a row!




Scolding Listeners


Bobby took a second to express his disappointment in the listeners. He’s trying to reach $50,000 in donations for the Susan G. Komen foundation. If he reaches the amount, Jason Aldean will perform with The Raging Idiots and the proceeds from that show will go towards St. Jude.


Beachin’ Remix


Jake Owen sent a Beachin’ remix with Mike Posner and T-Pain to Bobby this morning. Michael Bryan, the show’s program director, called in and said he wanted to hear it. Amy predicted that it would be a good song. LB said it was going to be good too. After taking predictions, Bobby debuted it today on the show. He asked Michael Bryan his opinions after and he said he can’t imagine it on country radio, but maybe pop radio.


Bobby asked if there is a better chance for him to host the CMA’s or date Kacey Musgraves. Amy said without a doubt he has a better shot at hosting the CMA’s. Lunchbox thinks he has a better shot at dating Kacey. Amy said maybe they will co-host the CMA’s….while they’re dating.


IHeartRadio Music Festival


Taylor Swift and Coldplay are headlining the IHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas in September. Amy said she’s most looking forward to Taylor Swift and The Zac Brown Band. Bobby’s most looking forward to Coldplay and Kacey Musgraves.


End of Show


Brothers Osborne sent Bobby a bottle of Rum. He said they must not know him very well because he doesn’t drink, but it was nice of them. Bobby reiterated that we’re trying to reach $50,000 in donations for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. If we reach the $50,000 mark, Jason Aldean will perform with The Raging Idiots and the proceeds from that show will go to St. Jude.




Shows over!




Say Byeee!!!!