Manicure Discounts

Amy got a manicure yesterday, and the woman who did her nails accidentally made her bleed a little bit. The woman was freaking out and told Amy she was going to make it right. At the end of the manicure, the woman told Amy she would give her a dollar off for drawing blood.


Bank Reward

Bobby saw a woman use the ATM, and when she wasn’t looking, the wind blew the money away. The woman thought that the ATM ripped her off, so she went inside and started freaking out on the bank. Bobby drove up to the ATM, got out of the car, and collected all the $20 that had blown away. He went inside and gave the woman all the money. The bank told Bobby to come back on Monday for a reward. At the time, Bobby was living pay check to pay check so he was excited to see what the bank would give him. The reward ended up being a bank hat and a 10% off coupon to a catfish restaurant. He said he would’ve rather not been given anything.


Bonehead Story of the Day

Drone flies too close to NYPD chopper, police say; operators arrested


Bobby said that he looked it up, and you can buy a drone on the Internet. Eddie wants to buy one. LB searched for them, and found one for $1,400. Eddie thinks they should get one for the show before they become illegal.


Tyler Farr is Coming Back

Bobby talked to Tyler Farr yesterday, who wants to come back in because people were giving him a hard time for performing a Miley Cyrus song. Bobby told him he could come in later today, and he’s planning on performing “Sail” by AWOLNATION.


Ray’s Top 3 News Stories

Severe storms hit the Northeast last night, killing at least five people. The storm also left half a million people without power in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.


Ford recalled about 100,000 cars and trucks for axel problems and gas tank leaks leading to fire. GM has recalled 25.7 million cars this year, and Ford has recalled about 3 million.!bbvROk


The host country, Brazil, is out of the world cup. They lost to Germany with a final score of 7-1. A bus was set on fire in Brazil, and now riot police are out in full force


Tyler Farr Back in Studio

Tyler Farr came back in to play another song. Bobby said Tyler Farr calls in earlier than any other artist. Tyler recently went duck hunting with his bloodhound. Tyler Farr just bought his first house. He admitted that he bought all his furniture on an app on his phone. Tyler said he is starting to profit from his success but he remembers the times when he would have to use his merch money to buy gas to be able to play in bars. He said he feels that he has not earned anything, but is very grateful. Bobby predicts that “Whiskey in the Water” will be number one by the end of this week. Bobby has been trying to get Tyler Farr to play “Sail” for 5 months, so he finally played it for him this morning!


Bobby Takes Calls

Jeremy from Atlanta called in today while he was listening on iHeart. He said he wants LB to get a Lamborghini, but Bobby said that LB isn’t even close to getting one. LB agreed that they are way too expensive.


Allen in Little Rock called in, and Bobby asked if he had heard about all the flack he’s getting for his Arkansas tattoo. Allen liked that Bobby got the tattoo.


90 Second Skinny

Florida Georgia Line raised over $100,000 for habitat for humanity. For every donation made, you get entered into a drawing to go on Florida Georgia Line’s cruise.  As Bobby mentioned earlier, Jessica Simpson is worth almost a billion dollars, but People Magazine still paid her $300,000 for her wedding photos. On TV tonight, World Cup Semifinals, iHeart Radio pool party special, the season finale of Catfish, and Duck Dynasty.


Bobby Takes Calls

Stacey in South Carolina called in to ask who won the Bobby Bones pageant. She said she was glad Ray won, because she loves Lunchbox, but really didn’t want him to win.


Richard called in to say he and his wife love the show. When Richard is deployed, his wife feels like she has support from Amy since they are both going through the same thing.  


What Year Was It

Tim in Ohio played today and picked Lunchbox as his partner.


Song: Water – Brad Paisley
Movie: The Karate Kid (remake)
News: “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha tops the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.
LB picked 2008, Bobby picked 2005, and Amy picked 2009.


The year was 2010!



Time Marches On

An article on Buzzfeed put out an article of things that turn 18 years old.  Some of the things on the list were “ Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, the movie “Independence Day” and also the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Married At First Sight

Lunchbox said it was awesome! The show has experts who matches certain people, if all the experts agree that the two people are a good match than they get married without even knowing or met each other previously.  If they get married than they stay with each other for one month, if they don’t like each other they get divorced.


Tell Me Something Good

Idaho Women Gives Birth While She Drives Her Car


Woman Survives 12 Hours Adrift, Used Face Mask To Catch Rainwater


Raging Idiots back on tour soon and coming to a town near you!


Ray’s Push-Up Challenge

Ray was going to do 1,000 pushups in 3 hours tomorrow and if he doesn’t do it than he will take 7 spray tans in a row. This will be moved to Monday since there is a lot going on.


3 New Songs


1.     Dan+Shay- Show You Off


2.     Jana Kramer –Love


3.     Magic! - Rude


Bonehead Story of the Day

In Youngstown Ohio, a father was arrested after arguing with his daughter about which tv show to watch and pulled out a sword, threatening to chop off her head.


House Stories


A woman discovered that the house she was renting was formerly a murder chamber used by a killer. Bobby asks if anyone would live in an awesome, cheap house in which a murder had taken place. Amy says she would not because her husband is gone a lot and doesn’t want to be scared. Lunchbox says he definitely would. Bobby would not, because it would be hard to resell. Bobby talks about how Ray lives at the studio and even gets his mail sent here. He has not yet paid his latest bill to the IRS. Lunch says his sister and husband visited town. He was showing them the studio and saw Ray’s dirty underwear in a studio office. Bobby says he needs to move out soon.


Eric Hill’s Death on the Bachelorette

Eric Hill from this season of the Bachelorette died in an accident paragliding after he was off the show but still while taping was going on. Andi kicked him off in the middle of an episode, her last conversation with him ending in a fight. This past weeks episode showed Chris Harrison telling Andi and the remaining guys about the accident. Bobby thinks that the show has been exploiting the situation by teasing it and making a big deal out of it, but Sydney does not. Bobby thinks it is sad that the guy died, but he thinks they weren’t even that good of friends. Lunchbox says that he wants his death to be made a big deal of and for it to be teased. Bobby acts like he is teasing his death. He says if someone on the show were to actually die, they would explain it on the air and then probably wouldn’t be back for weeks.


Dating and Marriage Age Gaps

Bobby says that at 39, men become invisible to younger woman. Eddie says that means girls aren’t looking at David Beckham or Brad Pitt, which is not true. Bobby wonders if when he goes out if he is now the old guy, because he is starting to feel that way. Lunchbox thinks that is crazy, because they are still young. Intern Liz is asked if she saw them at a bar if would she be creeped out. She says she wouldn’t think it was weird but she wouldn’t go up to talk to them. Bobby asks if her and him hit it off talking if she would date him even though he is fifteen years older than her. She says no. Bobby says when you get older you don’t meet people at bars anymore but in real life situations. A caller calls in who is 42 years old, and she is 18. He didn’t knock her up, is not rich, and doesn’t feel a lot older than her. He is older than her parents. Nia in Oklahoma is 23 and says she would date a guy into his fourties. Amy says she has a cousin who is 33 years old and is married to a guy who is 62 years old. But she thinks that they have a good relationship.


Show and Tell News

Lunchbox: 15-Month-Old Dies in Hot Car in Connecticut


Bobby believes that an occurrence like this  (except for the father in Georgia) is a complete accident. Eddie agrees. He said that fathers that aren’t used to watching their kids and when their mind is focused on other things they could accidently leave their kids in the car. Lunchbox disagrees and thinks it is a crime every time.


Amy: Savannah and LeBron James To Welcome Baby Girl Soon

Bobby: Morristown woman finds $40,000 diamond on the floor and returns it to owner


Lindsay Ell

Yesterday the show had Lindsay Ell on. Bobby was hurt that her new single, “Shut Me Up”, was not debuted on his show, so he called her out about it. Lindsay’s people freaked out a little and thought that Bobby was actually really mad. Everyone on the show came up with five songs that Lindsay needs to play once a day next week until the show will air “Shut Me Up”.


Monday: “Baby”- Justin Bieber


Tuesday: “I Love You”- Barney


Wednesday: “Who Lets the Dogs Out”- Baha Men


Thursday: “Mambo #5”- Lou Bega


Friday: “Never Gonna Give You Up”- Rick Astley


End of Show

Amy said that she isn’t doing much today except hanging out with her mom. Lunchbox is going to watch the second world cup semifinal game and he is working karaoke at the Hard Rock tonight.


Everyone say bye