These rules should apply if you're currently on the dating scene or maybe you've just started after a recent breakup or divorce.  Dudes, take notes.


1. If you have a decent time...CALL HER!

2. Ask a woman at least 3 questions about herself.

3. If your best friend is a woman, you should probably explain that at some point.

4. If you've ever been married or are currently married, share this info on date #1.

5. PAY for the first date! 

6. Don't shovel food in your mouth

7. Smile and Laugh

8. If you have more than 1 cat you should probably wait awhile to tell her.

9. If you're close with your mom and sisters it's endearing...let her know!

10. CALL HER!! She's probably not going to call the right thing and call her.