Earlier this month, a woman in Australia named Jacinta Rosewarne found her dog Charlie in her garage.  He's a tiny Maltese terrier, and he'd just finished licking up a big pool of ANTIFREEZE off the floor.  Now, antifreeze has ethylene glycol in it, which can cause kidney failure and kill YOU.  Let alone a tiny dog.  And apparently Jacinta didn't know what was wrong at that point.But she rushed him to the vet, who figured it out immediately.  And to save Charlie's life, they put a tube down his throat . . . and started pumping him FULL OF BOOZE.


 It turns out that alcohol alters the chemicals in antifreeze and makes it easier for your body to flush them out.  So over the course of two days, they force-fed Charlie about a FIFTH of vodka.   According to Jacinta, he was HAMMERED the entire time.  Quote, "He was stumbling around.  I'd go to [pet] him, and he'd push me away like a drunk person."  He also kept whining and threw up a little bit.

 But two days later, Charlie's only problem was a massive HANGOVER.  Jacinta says she tried to take him for a walk, but he didn't want to go.  And he just slept all day. 



(Herald Sun / Metro)