It'S Been A Busy Week For Dudes Acting Heroic While Randomly Wearing Superhero Gear.    Last Monday, A 3-Year-Old In England Named Wayne Davies Was Getting Ready For Bed When His Dogs Started Barking.  He Got Suspicious . . . And It Turned Out To Be A Burglar In His Kitchen.   But He Was Completely Naked At The Time, So He Threw On A Cheesy Superman Robe That His Wife Gave Him For Christmas.  Then He Ended Up Taking The Guy Down, And Pinning Him Until The Cops Got There.  It Helps That He Happens To Be A Black Belt.


 According to Wayne, his wife has always joked that he kind of LOOKS like Clark Kent.  And now she'll NEVER shut up about it.   Then on Saturday, a huge fire destroyed an apartment complex in Dallas.  And a couple had to drop their BABY from the second story.



Luckily a guy named Tori Phillips was there to CATCH it . . . and he happened to be wearing a Superman HOODIE.  Then the couple was able to jump down too.  And thankfully everyone in the building survived.