In 2012, Brian Flemming weighed over 625 pounds.  And he was a severe alcoholic, drinking about a FIFTH of vodka every night.  Then he downloaded Draw Something, and randomly started playing with a woman in London named Jackie Eastham.


 Jackie is in her late 40s or early 50s, and suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy.  And to manage it, she has to stay in good shape.

 After chatting for a while, Brian started confiding in Jackie about how unhealthy he was.  And instead of feeling bad for him, she told him that some people . . . like her . . . have to fight for their life on a daily basis.  And that he was just throwing his life away.


 Which inspired him BIG TIME.  Because he stopped drinking COLD TURKEY, and started going on walks while he talked to Jackie on Skype.  And 18 months later, he's dropped more than 380 POUNDS, and gone from a size 60 waist to a 38.


 Now, it doesn't sound like there's anything romantic going on between them.  But in December, Brian and Jackie met in Paris.  And less than two years after he could barely get up a flight of STAIRS, they climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower together.