Cearra Swetman lives in Fort Myers, Florida.  And a year ago, she was up to about 250 pounds.  But one night she was out having dinner with her family, when some drunk idiot at the bar noticed the Hooters t-shirt she had on.  And he decided to tell her that she didn't LOOK like any Hooters girl he'd ever seen.  But instead of smashing a bottle over his head and kicking him in the groin like he deserved, Cearra decided to use the guy's comment as INSPIRATION.


 She started working out . . . lost 128 POUNDS over the past year . . . and now she actually IS a Hooters waitress in Fort Myers.   Cearra says it wasn't easy, but the idea of becoming a Hooters waitress and proving the guy wrong kept her going.


 She has slightly bigger aspirations though.  Because while she's working at Hooters, she's also getting her master's degree in business.