The third time is the charm!

At least that’s how things played out for the newly-crowned American Idol, Caleb Johnson.

The 23 year old won season 13, beating fellow finalist Jena Irene, after unsuccessful attempts in two previous seasons.

Caleb admits he’s not what most people would expect in an Idol.

“I’m probably the antithesis of what American Idols have been,” he says. “I mean, seriously, look at me, it’s so crazy to me!”

Caleb, a North Carolina native with an edgy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, mentions fans can expect him to stay true to his roots in rock ‘n’ roll as he works to produce new music, according to US Weekly. 

But could host Ryan Seacrest be the next American Idol?

Probably not.

But Ryan did sing on the show for the first time ever during last night’s finale.

It turns out he's been asked to sing on the show multiple times but turned down every request until this season.