Fans got a glimpse of Carrie Underwood’s workout this week when she re-tweeted a photo of herself doing pull-ups.

Now the country megastar’s trainer Erin Oprea is pulling back the curtain on Carrie’s full-on fitness routine.

“One of Carrie's favorites moves is the cherry picker, where you lunge into a squat,” the Nashville trainer tells E! Online. “She loves all different leg exercises! Most females dislike pull-ups, but it is a very important exercise in toning your upper body.”

She adds Carrie “never does the same workout twice” and is a “hard worker, motivated and disciplined.”

“Carrie is amazing to work with,” she mentions. “We have a lot of fun. Carrie always brings it! She is a real person...I don't think of her as a celebrity. We have a true working relationship that has developed into a friendship.”

When she’s not hard at work in the gym, she’s hard at work in the studio recording a new album.

No word on a release date on that yet.