Hunter Hayes has shied away from given dating details in the past, and that’s not about to change.

The country superstar tells People Country why he’s “just a boring dude” who says the “only thing I really like to talk about is my music.”

“I have bared my soul in these songs,” Hunter says. “That’s my choice. But anyone connected to me deserves their choice to stay private. They don’t ask to be written about and don't ask to be talked about in interviews. I respect that and until otherwise noted, it will be that way. I see it as a matter of respect for that other person.”

So for any insight into Hunter’s love life, play his music, especially his new album Storyline.

“One of my favorite songs on the album is ‘Secret Love,’” he says. “Lyrically there’s all kinds of sides to it which I like because it makes me sound a little more interesting. It’s kind of mysterious.”

Hunter is currently in Asia promoting the album.