Miranda Lambert is offering her two cents on the latest musical trend in country.

Music critics have coined the term “bro country” to categorize country music covering topics ranging from parties, bonfires and girls in trucks.

But Miranda tells Rolling Stone she’s taking the girls out of the trucks and bringing them back to the forefront of the genre.

“What are they calling it, ‘bro country’?” she says. “I love those songs, but for a minute there, it felt like girls ran the show. We have to save this thing we’ve made – Carrie [Underwood] and Taylor [Swift] and me.”

Miranda has always been vocal about supporting her fellow females.

“I’m a big fan of females in this business and we’re gonna do it,” she said in 2012. “We’re gonna keep plowing through. It is a man’s world a little bit and we love the guys, but we’re awesome, too.”

Miranda is tied with Tim McGraw for the most nominations with seven at this weekend’s ACM Awards.

Plus, she’ll perform with George Strait on show, airing Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.