A woman at a Brad Paisley show in San Diego claims she was asked to leave the concert because she was breastfeeding her child in public. The security officers at the concert say they only asked her to move to another seat out of safety concerns for her child.

Baby Mom Megan Christopherson had her 4-month-old baby girl at the concert, and was down in the front  "pit" area just in front of the stage.

Police officers working security for the show claimed safety concerns for the baby, who wasn't wearing ear protection, and could have possibly been crushed or injured in a surge of the crowd. However, Christopherson believes she was asked to leave because she had been breastfeeding the 4-month-old during the show.

Officers said they offered Christopherson a seat at no extra charge--which she refused--and told her if she preferred to leave the show, she could do so and receive a full refund for her ticket. She chose to leave the show.

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