Guy Survived a Car Crash Proposes to His GF in ER

A 20-year-old named Jamacio Kimble was on his way to propose to his girlfriend Kayla last Wednesday near Madisonville, Tennessee. 

They were celebrating their one-year anniversary together.  But while he was on his way to get flowers, he got into a serious car crash.  The roads were wet, and he lost control . . . went over an embankment . . . nailed a utility pole . . . and flipped his car.

 He's going to college on a baseball scholarship, so he was worried he wouldn't be able to play anymore.  But luckily he's okay.  He was pretty banged up and sore, but didn't break anything.  And Kayla rode with him in the ambulance.  

But check this out.  After his doctors patched him up, he made them wheel him out to the waiting room . . . and proposed to her ANYWAY.

The video is pretty great.  A bunch of friends and family were there.  And he could barely stand up, so they had to help him get down on one knee.  Apparently he was sore from the crash, and pretty wobbly from the pain meds.  (Here's the video.)

 (WBIR / ABC News)


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