89-Yr-Old Woman Saved from Being Hit by a Train

You can find videos on YouTube where people get out of their cars to help old ladies cross the street.  But this was a little riskier . . .

 An 89-year-old woman was trying to cross a set of TRAIN TRACKS in New Jersey last Wednesday.  And a commuter train started bearing down on her.  It happened in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, about 15 miles outside New York City.  The signal went off, and the arms came down to stop traffic.  She walks with TWO canes, so she wasn't moving very fast.

 But there's a video where three different people run onto the tracks to save her.   A 28-year-old guy named Jon Mango deserves most of the credit.  He got to her first, when she was about halfway across.  She actually thought he was ATTACKING her at first.  So she stopped walking for a second.  Then the two other people showed up, and helped her the rest of the way.

It's hard to tell in the video, but Jon says the train missed them by INCHES.  Luckily they're all okay. 

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