Divorcees Do a Yearly Family Portraits for Son

A couple named Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson got divorced over two years ago, and it got pretty ugly at one point.  But thankfully, they both recognized what their REAL priority needed to be.

 Victoria is 28 and lives in Alaska now.  Adam lives in South Carolina.  And they have a four-year-old son together named Bruce.

 While they were going through their divorce, they realized they were more focused on being angry at each other than they were on making sure their SON was okay.

 Victoria's parents split up when she was a baby, and she doesn't have a single photo of the three of them together as a family.  And she didn't want that to happen to Bruce.

 So she and Adam decided to stay friends.  And even though they're divorced, they still get together each year to take a family portrait.

 Some of the photos they've taken over the last four years went viral after Victoria posted them on Facebook last week.

 She puts them in Bruce's bedroom, so he knows that BOTH of his parents love him, even though they don't live together anymore.  And they've agreed to keep doing it, even if they get remarried someday. 

(CBS News / People / Facebook)

(Here are their portraits from the last four years.)


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