Pepsi/Kendall Jenner's "Tone-Deaf" Ad RE: Protesting

The Internet is freaking out over a new Pepsi ad where KENDALL JENNER is doing a photoshoot, and sees a bunch of protesters marching by with peace signs.  They're all super excited and happy about protesting.  No one's angry.

 Then she takes off her blonde wig . . . wipes off her lipstick . . . and joins them.  And it ends with her bringing everyone together by handing a can of Pepsi to one of the COPS who's in the middle of the road blocking them.

  Some people say it's the most "tone-deaf" ad of the year, mostly because it takes a serious subject and magically solves it with something trivial and cheap.  And because Pepsi obviously wanted to capitalize on the idea that protests are so "IN" right now.


Others think it's just another example of people looking for reasons to be offended, and it's not a big deal. 


(Search for "Pepsi Live For Now Moments Anthem starring Kendall Jenner."  Here's some of the hate it's received on Twitter.)  NOTE: THE VIDEO HAS SINCE BEEN PULLED BY PEPSI DUE TO ON LINE PROTESTING!

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