Woman,68 Tries to Break Up a Loud Pool Party,Gets Thrown in the Pool

There's a fine line between a funny prank and something disturbing and criminal.

A 68-year-old woman named Nancy James is on the board of her apartment complex in North Lauderdale, Florida.  And on Saturday, she got a bunch of complaints about a loud pool party going on, so she went down to ask them to keep it down.

 But a 16-year-old kid named Leon Balfour who was at the party GRABBED her and threw her in the pool.  Only he slipped first, so first he bodyslammed her into the ground . . . then he picked her up again and threw her into the pool.

 And to make matters worse, she was walking her two dogs at the time, and was holding onto their leashes when the guy grabbed her.  One of the dogs got knocked down, and the other almost ends up in the pool.

Of course, video of what happened made it to social media . . . and the video makes it look pretty violent, since he's really manhandling her.  Nancy wound up going to the emergency room with bruises on her shoulder and leg.

 And Leon was arrested for one count of battery on a person 65 or older.  The judge put him under house arrest except for school until his court date next month. 

 (ABC 10 - Miami

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