Kevin Bacon Once Went Under Cover at a High School . . . And Got Bullied

  Man, KEVIN BACON suffered one indignity after another just to star in "Footloose".  We recently heard that he almost didn't get the gig because a female studio exec didn't think he was "doable" enough.

And now there's this:  Kevin was 23 years old when he got the part . . . and his character was 17.  He wasn't sure he could play a teenager, so he got a high school to secretly let him go undercover as a student for a day.

 And he got BULLIED.  He says, quote, "It was exactly like the movie because some kids gave me a hard time, made fun of me, made fun of my hair, made fun of my clothing.

"I was dressed and looked like the character.  Some of the girls giggled and formed little groups and would whisper about me."

But he also said there was a kid like CHRIS PENN's character, who took PITY on him, and took him under his wing. 


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