Former Homeless Guy Donated $7,500 to the Shelter That Helped Him

There's a homeless shelter in Ontario, Canada called Shelter House Thunder Bay.  And they recently had to shut down one of their programs because they didn't have the funding.  (It's located about 40 miles north of the Minnesota border.)

It's called the "S.O.S." program.  Two people drive around in a van 12 hours a day looking for homeless people who might need help.  They started doing it a while back after two people froze to death out on the streets.  But they just can't afford it anymore.

 But then last month, a guy who used to live at the shelter walked in, and said he wanted to donate TEN GRAND.  That's in Canadian dollars, so about $7,500 American.

The worker he talked to actually tried to talk him OUT of it, because she knew he's not rich.  He recently got some money from a class-action lawsuit he was involved in.

But he's back on his feet living in an apartment now.  And he INSISTED on donating the money to help his friends who were still out there.  So at that point, she says they both just broke down in tears.

The guy wants to remain anonymous, so we don't know his name.  But after the story made headlines, OTHER people started donating.  So now the shelter might be able to raise enough money to keep the program going.

If you want to help out, there's a link to donate to that specific program on their website,

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