If All Bathrooms Were Unisex, Women's Wait Times Would Be Slashed By 400%


Women's bathroom lines are ALWAYS longer than men's.  That's a fact.  But a new study out of Belgium found a way to change that, although I'm not sure it's going to fly:  Just make every bathroom unisex.

The researchers found that if every bathroom at a stadium or nightclub or wherever was co-ed, women's wait times would be slashed by 400% . . . from six minutes to less than 90 seconds.  Men's wait times would go up a bit, of course.

 The researchers say that no other scenario they experimented with helped reduce wait times that much . . . not even adding way more women's bathrooms to a place.  (Phys.org)

 (Here's a video that breaks down the wait times for the other scenarios.)

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