Armed Robber at Starbucks Stopped By Customer With a Chair


A 30-year-old guy named Ryan Flores walked into a Starbucks in Fresno, California on Wednesday around 5:30 P.M.  He was wearing an Optimus Prime mask from "Transformers" and he had a toy gun . . . and a REAL knife. He demanded the cash from the register, and the cashier started giving it to him . . . until a 58-year-old customer named Cragg Jerri decided to step in.

 Apparently Cragg's a regular there, so he picked up a metal chair, SLAMMED Ryan in the back with it . . . and then started brawling with him. Eventually he wrestled the knife away.  He wound up getting stabbed in the process, but he ALSO got a few nice stabs in on Ryan too.  

Ryan was taken to the hospital, and once he's out, he'll be facing charges for attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.  

(KRON 4 - San Francisco

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