Tom Cruise Might Have Been Injured Doing Stunts for "Mission: Impossible 6

TOM CRUISE loves doing his own stunts in movies.  Remember a few years back, when he clung to the side of a plane for "Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation"?  Well, a recent stunt for "Mission: Impossible 6" did NOT go so well.   

TMZ has footage of him jumping between buildings.  He leaps from some scaffolding, and clings to the side of a building.  But it looks like he either over-shot it or UNDER-shot it, and he hit the side of the building pretty hard.  Afterward, he had a pretty mean limp.  

There's another video from a different angle where he misses even worse, and slams into the edge of the brick building.  That's NOT the same jump, so he tried it at least twice, and BOTCHED IT twice.  

Of course, he's wearing a harness, so when he under-shot the building, he DOESN'T fall to his death . . . and we're assuming he was wearing some sort of padding, otherwise it looks like he could've broken ALL of his ribs.  

As of last night, there wasn't any OFFICIAL word on his condition.  So, we don't know how banged up he is.  But if it's bad, it could delay filming.  And obviously, he wouldn't be able to do any more of his own stunts for a while.

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