Dove Runs an Ad Where a Black Woman Peels Off Her Shirt to Become a White W

It's amazing that this ad even managed to make it past ONE person in a marketing department . . . but since it's from a major corporation, that means it made it past TONS of people.  

Dove recently ran a short video ad on Facebook that shows a black woman peeling off her shirt . . . to reveal a pale white woman underneath.  Then she pulls off her shirt and becomes a woman who looks possibly Hispanic, but still light skinned.

 It's not clear what the message was SUPPOSED to be, but it's clear what message people GOT.

One person on Twitter pointed out that it calls back to racist ads that soap companies used to run, that would show black people using soap and becoming white. 

 Dove pulled the ad and apologized . . . but they still haven't clarified WHY they ran it in the first place. 


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