A High School's Homecoming Queen Kicked a Game-Winning Field Goal

A high school senior named Claire Jeffress was named homecoming queen last week at her school in Pearland, Texas, just outside Houston. But she's not just a pretty face.  She's also the kicker on her high-school FOOTBALL team.  And she's CLUTCH.

Last week's homecoming game was a blowout.  They won 51 to 16.  But their game this weekend was a lot closer. They played their rival school, and it was tied at 35 with just over a minute left.  So the coach sent Claire the HOMECOMING QUEEN in to win it . . . and she DID.



She hit the game-winning field goal from 30 yards out, and they won 38 to 35. Now the video is all over the Internet, and she even got featured on "SportsCenter".  She says she felt pretty confident about the kick.  She also hit a game-winning extra point a few weeks ago.  So having that under her belt helped.

 (Houston Chronicle / USA Today)

 (Here's the video.  And here's a photo of her in her uniform after she was named homecoming queen.)


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