Woman Is Catfished-Tracks Down the Male Model From Photos Used-Now Dating

  It's hard to think of a more RANDOM way for two people to fall in love than this.

 There's a 33-year-old woman in London named Emma Perrier.  And a few years ago, she was struggling after a bad breakup.  So she did the online dating thing and met a VERY handsome dude named Ronnie.  

But . . . it turned out she was being CATFISHED.  And after she talked to him for six months and even said "I love you," she found out "Ronnie" was really a 53-year-old guy named Alan Stanley. 

She was REALLY upset, and she decided to do an image search to figure out whose photos Alan had stolen to pose as Ronnie.  It turned out to be a male model in Turkey named Adem Guzel. 

Well, Emma contacted Adem to tell him about the catfishing . . . and then THEY started talking.  And earlier this year, they decided to meet . . . and they fell in love. (New York Post


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