A Woman Tried to Steal a Frying Pan by Hiding It in Her Skin-Tight Yoga Pan

Women wear their stretchy yoga pants everywhere now.  But there ARE times when it just doesn't make sense . . . A 29-year-old woman named Sierra Coleman was at an IKEA in St. Louis back in December of last year.

And she tried to steal a large FRYING PAN by shoving it down the back of her skin-tight yoga pants.  Obviously something a little baggier might have worked better.  Two employees saw a clear outline of the frying pan and confronted her in the parking lot.  Someone got it on video, and you could still see the pan sticking out of her pants.  (Warning:  Profanity including the F-word.)

She's in the news now because she didn't show up for her court date.  She originally posted $1,500 bond.  She'll need to post about five times that once they catch her, or she'll have to stay in jail this time.



(The Smoking Gun / St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


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