Female Astros Fan Caught a Homerun Ball, and a Man Took It and Threw Back

A female Astros fan caught the home run ball that YASIEL PUIG crushed in the 9th inning of Game Five on Sunday . . . but as she was celebrating her catch, another male Astros fan reached over . . . grabbed it from her . . . and threw it back onto the field.  She did NOT look happy about it.   

Obviously, the guy threw it back because Puig is on the Dodgers, and fans feel pressured to throw home runs back onto the field when they're hit by players from the away team.  That's what REAL fans do.  (???)

 But there's a little more to the story . . .

 Sarah Head was the one who caught it, and it was her brother-in-law Kirk Head who took it from her.  Kirk's brother is Sarah's husband.  He was sitting between them, and he TRIED to stop Kirk from throwing her ball back, but he couldn't.

 Yesterday, Sarah said she isn't mad at Kirk . . . but she added, quote, "I would've liked the opportunity to throw it back myself." 

 Kirk seems like a total tool . . . but he said he and Sarah hugged and made up afterward, and he's thinking of giving her his bat and ball that are both signed by Nolan Ryan to make up for it. 

For what it's worth, when you look at the video in slow motion, Sarah doesn't actually catch the ball on the fly.  Instead, it looks like Kirk and some other people botch the catch, and it falls right into Sarah's arms.

Still, Kirk is taking some heat for this on social media . . . as he should.

(Here's the clip, here's a longer video . . . and here's more of Sarah talking about it afterward.)

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