8-Yr-Old Got People to Donate Over 1,000 Xmas Presents forPuerto Rican Kids

 video of an 8-year-old in Woodland Park, New Jersey named Jayden Perez made the rounds in September after his parents gave him tickets to a Giants game, and he broke down in tears.  Now he's using all the attention for a good cause.

He was so grateful for the tickets, he told his mom he wanted to donate all of his Christmas gifts this year to kids in Puerto Rico.  He knew about the hurricane, and was worried they might not get anything.

 But she told him to think even bigger.  And they ended up holding a toy drive instead.

 They posted a video asking people to donate toys, then set up a makeshift donation center on their front lawn last week.  And the response was even bigger than they expected.

People in their area dropped off HUNDREDS of toys.  And people online got in on it too.  One guy in Pennsylvania said he had a whole trailer full of toys people in his community donated.

 Last we heard, the count was up over a THOUSAND TOYS, and they're still getting more.  If you want to help out, the easiest way to donate money is on their GoFundMe page called Christmas Toys for Kids in PR.     (ABC News)

 (If you want to send an actual toy, you can contact his mom through Facebook, or call 201-913-6543.)

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