American Boxer Wears "Border Wall"- Shorts, Gets Beat by Mexican Opponent

An American boxer named Rod Salka from Pennsylvania wore some unique trunks into the ring last Thursday night.  They had a WALL design, with red, white, and blue 'bricks' . . . and they had 'America 1st' written on the waistband.

 And the kicker is, he was fighting a MEXICAN guy named Francisco Vargas, a.k.a. 'El Bandido.'  Now, if you set aside what an A-hole move that is, a fighter might still be able to pull something like that off if he could back it up with his fists . . . but I think you know where this is going.

 Salka was battered by Vargas over six rounds, and was left bloodied and bruised before his team eventually threw in the towel.   Afterward, Vargas said he was surprised when he saw the trunks.  Quote, "I kept calm . . . [but] the wall was an extra ingredient [for my motivation to win], so I gave it everything.  I represent Mexico and I feel that wall is against all my countrymen."

 (And here's a clip of "the wall" crumbling to the canvas.  The fight took place in California and was broadcast on ESPN2.  And to be clear, this time Mexico DID send their best.)



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