There's a "Star Wars" Burlesque Show Featuring Sexy Stormtroopers

If your main problem with "Star Wars" is that there's just not enough STRIPPING in it, I am happy to inform you that your problem has been solved. An Australian burlesque group has put together a show called "The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody". And they're doing a mini-tour of California from May 31st through June 9th. The show features 12 dancers acting out 60 different characters, including Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie . . . plus sexy Stormtroopers and even an erotic Boba Fett! The show actually started back in 2011, but it's grown over the years. And it's particularly relevant now, since "Star Wars" has never been hotter. (Pun intended?) Mind you, this isn't just a lame, costumed strip show. Character MATTERS. (???) The director says, quote, "We make sure that everyone has a good understanding of who the characters are. We might change the character's gender, costume, etc., but the core characteristics always stay the same."

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