Woman Switches Plane Seats, Then Tweets as the Person Falls In Love

A woman named Rosey Blair was flying home from New York to Dallas on Alaska Airlines on Tuesday, and she and her boyfriend were seated one row apart, so they asked the woman next to her boyfriend if she'd switch with Rosey.  She agreed to it.  And . . . she promptly FELL IN LOVE.

 Rosey Instagram storied and live tweeted as a super handsome dude turned out to be in the seat next to that woman . . . and Rosey took pictures as they went from strangers on a plane to something that seemed MUCH deeper than that.  

Over the course of the flight they bonded with deep conversations . . . ordered and shared a cheese plate . . . looked at each other's family photos . . . followed each other on Instagram . . . and even got up to head to the bathroom at the same time.


And then, after the flight, Rosey even got a picture of them walking through the airport together. The Twitter thread went viral, and the guy identified himself yesterday as a retired pro soccer player named Euan Holden.  There's no word on the identity of the woman . . . or if they're getting together again. 

(Twitter)  (Here are a few photos from Rosey's reporting.)

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