Photographic Evidence that Brad Pitt Always Morphs Into the Woman He's With

BRAD PITT's ability to transform doesn't just apply to his career.  He also does it in real life.  Someone on Twitter has unearthed photographic evidence that Brad changes his appearance to match that of whoever he's dating.

 The pictures include a shot of Brad and GWYNETH PALTROW, both with blonde, cropped hair . . . a shot of him and ANGELINA JOLIE with light brown, shoulder-length locks . . .

And a picture with JENNIFER ANISTON where they both have, quote, "sun-kissed hair and golden tans."

In that one, it looks more like they MATCH . . . and a lot of couples do that.  But in the Gwyneth and Angelina pics . . . and a few others . . . it does seem like they're going for THE SAME look.  Which is weird.

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