Carrie Underwood Thought It Would Be Cool to Learn Harmonica, So She Did

 Remember when CARRIE UNDERWOOD was "all of sudden" playing harmonica . . . and killing it?  Videos started showing up of her in concert tearing through "Choctaw County Affair".  Well, it wasn't some secret skill that she hid from everyone.  She just randomly decided to learn.  She tells CMT, quote, "I definitely tend to get myself in over my head sometimes, and I was like, 'Wouldn't it be cool if I played the harmonica?'" 

 It raised a few eyebrows from her people, but that didn't stop her.  Quote, "I said, 'I'll figure it out.  Go get me one, because I'm pretty good at playing things by ear.'" And off she went . . . but she was so bad at first that her son would cry every time she played.  She had to start practicing when she was alone in the car.  Quote, "I'd be on my way to work . . . practicing harmonica."  after learning the basics she reached out to a pro who showed her "a couple of things" . . . and that's all she needed. 

(Watch her trade harmonica licks with some dude at the 2016 CMA Music Festival, and during the Storyteller Tour.)



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