A Seal Comes Within Inches of Getting Eaten by a Great White Shark

Somebody in a boat off the coast of South Africa filmed a seal escaping the jaws of a great white shark that was about to make it a meal.   You actually see the shark start to strike, but the seal leaps out of the water at the last second.

In the full version of the video, the shark chases the seal around quite a bit. 

Then the seal uses the boat for cover before making its final escape.  Unfortunately, the audio is HORRIBLE on the longer clip because the wind abuses the microphone almost as much as the incessant female laughter assaults your ears.   

(WARNING!!!  This is  UNCENSORED profanity in the full video.  Again, the audio is pretty brutal.)

(For the slow-mo video, search Newsflare for "That Was Close!  Seal Narrowly Escapes Great White Shark's Jaws.")



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