Aaron Watson returns to El Paso at the Abraham Chavez Theatre

Aaron Watson Country Jam 2018

Aaron Watson returns to El Paso Saturday August 24th at the Abraham Chavez Theatre! Tickets are on sale now but you can win them along with meet and greet right here on KHEY Country! His new album Red Bandana is out now in stores!

Armed with 20 new songs, Watson feels more than ready to get out on the road and incorporate Red Bandana into his historically high-energy live concert dynamic. Watson says he’s already been having too much fun on stage.“Our show right now is not even a fraction of what it's going to be, but I swear, we start, we're having fun, I look down at the clock and we've been playing for 75 minutes,” he says. “There's been shows where I'm exhausted,but the second I hit that stage and I see people are excited for me, oh man. That's the greatest high.Those fans are the reason I’m here and keep showing up night after night.”


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