Live it up in Italy for just a dollar!

Check this out! the coronavirus-free Italian town of Cinquefrondi is selling homes for one-euro (a little over one-dollar). The town is located in the toe of Italy's boot in the Calabria region. Mayor Michele Conia says the low-price homes are part of the town's “Operation Beauty.” Conia says young people often leave in search of better job opportunities, which has left the town littered with tiny, abandoned dwellings. And while it’s cheap, there is a catch. The buyer must renovate the home within the next three-years and pay an annual insurance fee of 250-euro until the renovations are completed. If you buy and DON’T renovate? You’ll get socked with a 20-thousand-euro fine (about 22-thousand bucks). There are also fully renovated houses available at budget prices...and Conia says if there’s a demand, they can expropriate abandoned properties. Interested? Drop an email to:

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